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Manager and Entrepreneur with a strong focus on Human Resources with 40 years experience specialized in start up, reorganization, recruiting, training, performance evaluation, industrial relations, people management, talent acquisition, head hunting.
From 2018 Head Hunter in Life Science, specialized on Medical Device, due to my previous experience.

I'm very able to recognize talents: 12 actual Managing Directors in Medical Device were discovered as new degrees and hired by me when I was in Ethicon (J&J).

In addition to the work results and family serenity there are two other goals that I'm particularly proud of: publishing a specific HR book for one of the main editors in the sector: Franco Angeli and publishing a CD with my first musical band, Tarkun.

If you think I can give you added value, I encourage you to connect with me.

Read my favourite placement story!

Starting the recrutiment area in the biggest Italian company: Poste Italiane.
Hired 1.028 people (directors, managers, professionals, new hired) and 3.000 apprenticest) starting from 0 in less more than 2 years.

15 CEO and VP in the Medical Devices sector hired at the time as sales rep.: a very talent scout!

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but more than 10.000 candidates interwied

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