Below is the list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your query, please get in contact with us at info@talentwolf.co

  • Should I respond to all the reviews I receive?

    It's the best practice to respond to all the reviews, both positives and negatives. It's a way to show that you care about your customers, and it can convince potential new ones to collaborate with you.

  • What if I get a negative review on Talentwolf?

    Do not be upset. There are two possible solutions to overcome this utterly normal situation:

    If you think that the review is Fake, Anonymous, use foul language or is written by somebody you don't know, you can report it.

    Simply by visiting your Talentwolf public profile, lookup for that review, and right underneath, you will find the Report icon. Once you click on it, you can select the most appropriate option and leave the reason why you are reporting it. Your complaint will be analyzed by our community manager, who will then decide to keep it or remove it.

    With the Premium Plan, you can reply directly underneath the review, where you can publicly respond to your version of the facts. Very often, bad reviews do not mean a bad reputation, and, if managed in all transparency and honesty, on the contrary, they can increase credibility.

  • How many reviews should I get to stand out against my competitors?

    We recommend having a minimum of 3 reviews collected on your Talentwolf profile. In this way, you will start ranking in higher positions of the Talentwolf algorithm and be found by new potential clients and candidates. Remember that your Talentwolf profile ranks in terms of SEO on Google Search. Having reviews and ratings will help to improve your recruiter online personal brand.

  • How can I improve my overall rating and score?

    Simply by using the Talentwolf tools. All you need to do is go to your dashboard, click on the "Ask for Reviews" button, add your client or candidate email, and give a short description of your review request.

    Suggestion: contact them in strategic moments, such as:

    • 24hr after the interview,
    • After you have placed the candidate in a company
    • After you have found suitable staff for a company

    You can think of putting together an automatic system through your Company CRM to send emails and trigger the Review Requests at a specific moment of the recruitment journey.

  • Can I make money on the Talentwolf platform?

    The answer is no. Talentwolf platform although allows potential clients and candidates to connect with you through the Talentwolf messaging system.

    Reading your reviews can increase the chances to be contacted or considered for potential collaboration. So, just like Trip Advisor, Talentwolf is a way to find you and consider connecting with you through any other possible channels.

  • How can I be sure to be found on Talentwolf?
    • Complete 100% of your recruiter profile
    • be sure to select your Location and Recruiting Specializations carefully
    • collect reviews to be on top of the Talentwolf list.
    • Simple as that.
  • How can I best showcase and re-use the reviews I've collected on Talentwolf?

    Once you receive a review on Talentwolf, you can

    • Reshare the review as a badge on all your social media so that all your network will know about the testimonials you've received
    • If you have a Premium Plan, you have access to the Review Widget, which will showcase your Talentwolf reviews on your third-party website
  • Should I upgrade to a Premium Plan? What additional featured do I have?

    Many recruiters started with a basic profile; then, after some time, they realized the real power of having verified reviews all in one place and managing them, collecting them, and showcasing them.

    There are several features by having a Premium Plan, such as

    • Possibility to reply to the reviews you received, both positive and negative ones
    • Get access to the Review Widget to showcase your Talentwolf reviews on your third-party website
    • Possibility to add a business video and blog posts

    To discover more, visit: https://talentwolf.co/p/recruiter-reviews

  • What benefits are there inviting my team and colleagues to use Talentwolf?

    Inviting your team makes sure that your company recruiters cover all the job specializations in a specific location to win over new potential clients and candidates against your competitors.

    Plus, it's fun having a challenge with the rest of the team on getting the best reviews!

  • What can I do with the Review Widget?

    With Talentwolf Review Widget (only for Premium & Enterprise Plans), you can showcase your Talentwolf Reviews on your third-party website. You won't have to worry about adding them manually one by one; the widget will always display the most updated once and give you control on having the 4 star or 5 star only reviews.

    Having the review widget on your website will increase the trust of potential new clients and talent that want to get in touch with you, and as a consequence, an increased percentage of conversions on your contact form or direct phone calls.

  • How to implement the Talentwolf review widget?

    All you have to do is visit the Review Widget tab on your dashboard.

    Set up the reviews you want to display on your website with only a few clicks and copy the code. Pass that code to a developer to implement it on your website, it will only take a few minutes, and it's done!

    We recommend pasting the snippet in two types of pages of your recruitment website:

    • Recruiter About Me page: it will showcase the single recruiter reviews
    • Contact us page/Homepage: copy and paste your whole company reviews
  • Why is the business video on your recruiter profile important?

    Adding the business video to your recruiter profile page is a Premium/Enterprise feature only. All you need to do is upload the video on your Youtube page and paste the link on your Talentwolf recruiter profile.

    By adding a video to the page, you get people to know you better, and establish more trusts in future collaboration, even before having the potential customer contact you.

    Video length recommended is around 1 to 1:30min, explaining your role in the company and the type of service you offer. Remember to be yourself and relaxed while in front of the camera; take time to record your best shot – it's normal not having it perfect after 3 or 4 takes. We also recommend having your camera lens clean from fingerprints and be sure to have the light in front of your face, not behind; otherwise, the video will result too dark.

  • How can I ask my clients and candidates to leave me a review?

    Talentwolf offers all the possible tools to request reviews; by simply clicking on the button Ask for Reviews, you need to add your customer's email address and fill out the message.

  • How often should I ask for reviews?

    You can ask for reviews to as many clients and candidates as you want, but we suggest sending a maximum of two emails, the second one as a reminder to 4/5 days to the first one.

  • How can I automate reviews to go on my Talentwolf profile?

    You can automate the process of requesting reviews through your CRM: every time you do an interview, an email could be sent automatically from your system right after 24hr you interviewed that person, which will link to your Talentwolf profile.

    This procedure will increase the chances of getting positive reviews on your profile and rank in the top position of Talentwolf!

    You can also send an email request after you placed a candidate for the job or your client after you found them the perfect candidate.

  • How can I become the top listed recruiter in the market?

    To become the top-listed recruiter in the market on Talentwolf, we recommend:

    • Having your recruiter profile 100% complete with all your info
    • Respond to the messages you receive through the Talentwolf platform
    • Collect Reviews through the platform to get on top of the list
  • Respond to the reviews you receive to show that you care about people's feedback

    How can I reach 100% profile completeness?

    To reach 100% profile completeness is simple; all you need to do is to be sure to:

    • Complete your recruiter profile on all its details
    • Have at least three reviews, not older than two months
  • What happens if I leave a message on Talentwolf unanswered?

    We generally recommend checking your messaging inbox and replying to the user who got in touch with you.

    Potential clients and candidates have two ways to found you on the platform, by your name or Industry and Location. Please don't lose the opportunity to reply to them as soon as you can.

  • How can I reshare my Talentwolf reviews on Linkedin?

    Do you know that with Talentwolf, you can share your positive reviews collected through the Talentwolf platform on Linkedin in the form of a badge? Just visit your public recruiter profile, and click on the Share icon underneath each review you want to share.

    It will help increase engagement with your network, share your customer successes, and expand your online brand's visibility.

    The recruiter brand is critical to providing a professional online identity, credibility and competitive advantage that clients seek in today's professional market. Talentwolf is an excellent way for recruiters to prove it and stand out in the market.

  • How can I become a verified recruiter and earn a blue badge?

    There is a secret formula to earn the Talentwolf blue badge, which we will not share – however, we recommend having your recruiter profile 100% complete and collecting quite a few verified reviews.

  • Can I highlight my Talentwolf recruiter profile at the top of my Linkedin profile?

    To highlight your Talentwolf recruiter profile at the top of your Linkedin page, all you need to do is copying your Talentwolf profile URL and pasting it in the highlighted links section on your Linkedin profile. It will help to increase your trust in front of new potential clients.

  • Can I add my Talentwolf profile URL to my resume?

    We strongly recommend adding the Talentwolf profile to the resume to give the future employer an idea of your online reputation, customer's feedback, attention and care for your brand.

  • How frequently will I be contacted on the Talentwolf platform?

    Top-rated recruiters are usually the most contacted users on the platform.

    Talentwolf is a recruiters directory; as such, the frequency new potential clients and candidates will contact you will also depend on the location and recruiting specializations you have selected.

  • How do I respond to a request for contact?

    You might receive messages from potential clients and candidates, don't lose the chance to respond as soon as you can, and amplify the possibility to grow your business.

  • What are potential clients and candidates looking for on my Talentwolf profile?

    Potential clients and candidates use Talentwolf to find and collaborate with top-rated recruiters. They will read through all your info, the service offered, your ratings and reviews.

  • Why should my team be part of an enterprise plan?

    Being part of the Enterprise plan allows the whole recruitment agency to stand out more against other competitors. It gives all the marketing tools to request, monitor and collect all the team's reviews, all in one place - and most importantly, reply to both positive and negative reviews.

    As a recruiter, you will also reply to all reviews you receive, post your business videos and emphasize your brand. To create your Enterprise Plan, get in touch with info@talentwolf.co for more details.

  • How do I manage my team on an enterprise dashboard?

    To manage your team on the Enterprise is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is navigate the different sections that will display quantitative data, such as n. of reviews and ratings, and qualitative data, such as a grouped display of reviews.

  • How do I get help from the Talentwolf customer service team?

    Contact us at info@talentwolf.co

  • How do I delete my profile?

    Visit your dashboard; on the left-hand side, you will find the Delete my Profile section.

  • I have changed my company and want to keep my profile. What do I do?

    All you need to do is:

    • change your email address
    • update your biography and recruiting service offered
    • update your company name
    • be sure that your recruiting specialization still align with your current job
  • I have forgotten my password and my profile email is with my former employer. What do I do?

    In this case, contact us at info@talentwolf.co – we will get back to you as soon as possible.