Reviews on Talentwolf

Talentwolf is a platform that allows people directly involved in the job search process or filling a job vacancy to review recruitment consultants.

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Two ways to review recruiters

All recruiters are reviewed based on their quality of service in order for others to view their communication, market knowledge, hiring effectiveness and service ratings from both the employers and job seekers perspectives.


You'll receive an invitation from your recruiter. Then, you simply follow the instructions to submit your review.


You can also search for your agent and then submit your review through their profile on Talentwolf.

Who can leave a review?

Job seekers or employers who have worked or collaborated with a recruiter in the last 12 months can leave a review of their recruitment consultant on Talentwolf.

To ensure reviews are current, Talentwolf only accepts reviews for collaborations within the last 12 months.

Why must you have directly worked with a recruiter to review?

To maintain the validity of the content on Talentwolf, reviews are only permitted from job seekers and employers that directly worked with a recruiter.

This prevents anonymous unverified reviews, for example recruiters reviewing other recruiters.

Each review submitted to Talentwolf is from a job seeker or an employer that has worked with a recruiter. So when you're researching a recruiter you can be 100% sure you're reading verified comments from genuine customers.


Job seekers and employers who have worked with a recruiter in the last 12 months can leave a review of their recruitment consultant on Talentwolf.

Recruiters can verify your identity on Talentwolf via your name, mobile number, and email address. Your name needs to match your name as it appears on the recruiter system.

If a recruiter disputes that you are not a genuine job seeker or employers that have previously worked with the recruiter, Talentwolf will ask you to provide evidence (such as a copy of an email) so that we can verify your identity. The name on the email exchange must match the name you entered when you filled out your details to leave a review.