We Asked an AI Why New Zealand Recruiters Are Better than Australian Recruiters, Here is The Answer

By Talentwolf

Are you a recruiter? Do you have an Aussie or Kiwi accent? If so, then you’ve probably heard about the debate between Australian and New Zealand recruiters about who has the better approach to recruitment. It’s time to settle this debate once and for all. Let’s take a look at how New Zealand recruiters and Australian recruiters differ in their approaches to recruitment. 

The Personal Touch 

When it comes to making connections with potential job seekers, New Zealand recruiters have a more personal approach than their Australian colleagues. This is because the job market in New Zealand is relatively small compared to Australia, so recruiters tend to have an intimate knowledge of the local job market and its needs. As such, they are able to provide valuable advice and guidance to job seekers that can help them find the best possible job opportunities. 

In addition, because the pool of candidates is smaller, recruiters in New Zealand often develop strong relationships with employers that can be beneficial for both parties. This means that candidates won’t just be “another face in the crowd” – they will be seen as an individual who has a unique set of skills and experience. This makes it easier for recruiters to match employers with the right candidate for each role. 

The Size of the Job Market Matters 

When it comes to recruitment, size really does matter. In Australia, the larger job market means there is a higher volume of job vacancies and job seekers that recruiters must handle on a daily basis. This leads to an often more transactional approach, with the goal being to fill positions quickly so they can move onto another one. The focus is on quantity rather than quality, which can lead to job turnover in the long run. 

Meanwhile in New Zealand, recruiters need to be more mindful of both parties involved in a job placement - employers and candidates alike - in order for it to be successful. This means understanding what each party needs from the other and finding a way to make it work in terms of skill set and personality fit. It also means providing long-term career advice and support where needed, as well as helping employers find top talent that will stay with them for years down the line. 

In Conclusion

So who wins this battle between Aussie and Kiwi recruiters? Well, that depends on your perspective! On one hand, Australian recruiters offer quick turnaround times when it comes to filling positions but may not focus enough on creating long-term relationships between employers and employees.

On the other hand, New Zealand recruiters prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to ensuring successful job placements for both parties involved - which may take longer but will ultimately pay off in the long run! Ultimately though, no matter where you live or your approach towards recruitment, we can all agree that finding top talent is always worth investing time into!