Why a New Zealand Boutique Recruiter Started Using Talentwolf to Understand What Their Clients and Candidates Really Thought About Them.

By Talentwolf


The New Zealand recruitment market is small when compared globally but it is highly competitive and employers demand the highest level of service. The market also responds to local innovation. Describing themselves as uniquely Kiwi, Frog Recruitment get a kick from innovating within the industry and acting as custodians of employer brands and custodians of personal brands.

They describe themselves as being fascinated by technology that enables an amplified experience for all customer groups. With teams in Auckland and Wellington they were keen to know if their view of themselves is shared by their clients and candidates.  

Discovering Talentwolf through social media Frog started with a free trial. As the first customer in New Zealand Talentwolf wanted to work closely with the Frog team to understand the market to ensure that their objective of understanding client and candidate feedback was met, and in a way that ensured local needs were understood and considered.

Being a platform to communicate, compare and rate recruitment consultants around the world Talentwolf  has the infrastructure to facilitate the review process and tools to ensure this feedback can be easily shared onto our client's website and through social media. Additionally, being a third party Talentwolf brings added credibility to the feedback.   


Once engaged Talentwolf worked with Frog to ensure that consultant profiles were up to date and complete. By having profiles with complete data, video and photographs any traffic visiting Talentwolf organically and searching for recruiters in NZ would more likely discover Frog recruiters.

FROG Recruitment Company profile on Talentwolf

Recruiter profile on Talentwolf

Once profiles were considered best practice the Talentwolf implementation team discussed with Frog opportunities to automate the request for a review. Consideration was given to Frog’s unique process and at what point requests should be made. For example candidates interviewed would receive a review request 1 day after completing an interview and clients 3 days after a role was closed. Although not native to Talentwolf, the implementation team was on hand to work with Frog’s owner/director.   

Today, Frog are receiving regular reviews. They can validate what they knew before ie. They provide a 5 star service to candidates and clients whose brands they believe they are entrusted to manage. Not only does Frog know they can share the news widely through the Talentwolf widgets for their website and the tools to share positive reviews on LinkedIn.    

Talentwolf Dashboard to manage your recruiter reviews

Talentwolf Recruiter Reviews Widget on Frog Recruitment website

Next Steps

Next steps for Frog are to gain greater traction through Talentwolf’s online chat and Net Promoter Score. By working with Talentwolf people2people are building a considerable catalogue of online, third party verified testimonials.  

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