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I have recruited White Collar Construction
Professionals within the Construction industry across the West & East
Midlands for the past 14
years. I have successfully opened 2 brand-new regions for a
company called for FastTrack Management Services Ltd along the way, whilst
managing at peak, 19 of their sales staff and growing the regions to a sales
turnover of £7million.

I enjoy working proactively with clients and candidates to add value
and find the best people for the roles I recruit for. I now work with my wife,
Emma who has 15 years’ experience of recruiting. Between us, we have a wealth
of client, candidate & market knowledge that will only add value to any
recruitment process.To get your copy of - "Top Biller - The Life of a Recruiter" click on the relevant link below:Amazon:
Book Depository:
& Nobel (USA):


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