Top 10 Books for Hiring Professionals in 2020

By Talentwolf

Top 10 Books for Hiring Professionals

Gone are the days where recruiters were able to make hiring decisions based only on a candidate’s resume. Now, more than ever, it has become crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices to conduct an effective employment process.

At Talentwolf, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best recruitment books for our readers to read in 2020. All of them are available both on online as well as a paper copy, so no excuses! It’s time to expand your knowledge on the upcoming trends and step up your recruitment game with the tips and advice from industry leaders.

1.    “The Savage Truth: Lessons in Leadership, Business and Life from 40 years in Recruitment" by Greg Savage

I've been sitting in the office in front of Greg for these last 3 years, I saw him typing chapter after chapter on his laptop whenever he had a spare moment and seeing his booked released was a truly exciting moment. 'The Savage Truth' has already sold 7,000 copies globally in less than 3 months.
Greg Savage writes with great clarity about the importance of building a personal brand and focusing on recruitment marketing. “The Savage Truth” includes stories, lessons and advice on how to become a great, inspired recruiter. If that’s what you’re aiming for, the answer can certainly be found in Greg’s book alongside other valuable tips.    

This book presents a unique look at the recruitment processes based on 40 years of experience in the industry. In all the chapters you will surely find comprehensive, practical advice, based on experience that only a few in the recruitment industry possess.

You can buy Greg's book here:

2.    “Six Figure Sales Recruiter: How to Attract, Recruit, Onboard and Retain the Best Sales Talent" by Ryan Hohman

Ryan Hohman is an American entrepreneur, he started his career as a commission-based sales representative and was able to create six-figure income.

After that, he decided to go on a solo journey and go all-in on his unique vision – creating a service of sales recruiting.

The goal was to master high-volume commission-based sales recruiting and he quickly became a go-to person in this subject. In his book, Hohman will teach you his ways, systems and processes for recruiting the best sales staff. Dive in, learn, implement and improve. This book was written to provide you with all the tools for successful sales recruiting.  

You can buy Ryan's book here:

3.    “The art of sustainable performance: model of recruiting & selection and professional developmentby Sebastiaan Kodden

Why does one company become successful while others fail? Why is one person able to achieve his/her goals when everyone else gave up on them? Forget everything you think you know about recruiting and learn what is the real secret of selecting the right candidates. It’s all based on a combination of talent and four important performance indicators...

Bas Kodden has studied those performance indicators in-depth and his surprising findings put the present recruitment as well as selection procedures of many companies in a new perspective. This book will offer you a useful model for recruitment and selection, including various questionnaires and checklists for HR professionals and executives.

You can buy Sebastiaan's book here:

4.    “Recruiting sucks.. but it doesn't have to: Breaking through the myths that got us here" by Steve Lowisz

In this book, the HR guru Steve Lowisz shares his game-changing approach to attracting and retaining the workforce. Steve will teach you how to be a marketer, inspire employees, embrace diversity but also why we should look beyond Linkedin and prioritize behaviour over skills.

Most of the hiring practices are outdated and rely on old principals. It’s time to focus on people as they’re the most important asset for your business.  

You can buy Steve's book here:

5.    “The Robot-proof recruiter: A survival guide for recruitment and sourcing professionals" by Katrina Collier

An indispensable book for all recruitment professionals who want to stand out amongst their competitors and show that a human approach is still more valuable than omnipresent Artificial Intelligence. Social media and digital sourcing strategies are only a part of a successful hiring process.

Katrina Collier explains what works and what doesn’t and how to effectively support the candidate’s journey.  

You can buy Katrina's book here:

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6.    "How to effective is your recruiting process?" by Patricia Kyei Kennedy

The author of this book has worked in Talent Acquisition for 22 years and believes that companies should invest in retaining their best talent because employees are the organization’s biggest asset.

This book is meant to inspire the recruitment industry to review the current hiring strategy and evaluate what has been its impact so far on employees’ satisfaction.

7.    “Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting and Orienting New Employees" by Diane Arthur

A practical guide to the recruitment process, which contains numerous guidelines, forms and ready-to-use interview questions. Diane Arthur shares her advice on applicant testing, reference checking and best interview methods.

This book will take you through every aspect of the employment process, taking into consideration new legislation, the latest staffing challenges and changes in technology. The hiring program is the most important aspect of companies’ productivity, make sure you’ve got all the tools for successful employee hiring and onboarding.

8.    “Full Stack Recruiter: New secrets revealed" by Jan Tegze

Following the success of his first book “Full Stack Recruiter: The Modern Recruiter’s Guide”, Jan Tegze has published “New secrets revealed” for hiring professionals who already know the basics and want to further their career with some unique insights.

Learn unique inside industry tips and how to source the best candidates effectively. To be successful in the recruitment industry, you need to constantly learn and “stay sharp”. Creative sourcing, as explains Jan Tegze, should become your best friend in the competition against other HR professionals.  

9.    “Talent Without Borders: Global Talent Acquisition for Competitive Advantage" by Robert E. Ployhart, Jeff A. Weekley, Julian Dalzell

Sourcing talent is hard – you have to be at the right place at the right time. “Talent Without Borders” explains what’s the most practical approach to acquiring talent globally as well as the importance of using analytics and data to make evidence-based decisions.

This book is ought to be every HR team textbook as it lays out the methods for tying together the organization’s goals to its’ recruitment process.

10. “Recruitment and Selection: Strategies for Workforce Planning and Assessment" by Carrie A. Picardi

With the constant changes in the workforce, talent management becomes more important than ever. How do you design your strategy for hiring the right people? By using tools suggested in this book you can increase your effectiveness and become the best in the market!

Picardi will teach you how to assess candidates in an ethical, legal and accurate manner. The key to success is managing workforce needs strategically and proper job analysis. “Recruitment and Selection” offers a blend of theory and practice to help you improve your employment strategies. 


We are certain every recruitment professional will find on this list positions worth reading, like our team at Talentwolf have selected every book carefully and with a condition to be a “game-changer” in hiring strategies.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best ones in the industry, start reading today!

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