6 New Year's Resolutions for Recruiters in 2020

By Talentwolf

New year new Me – is a promise many of us make to ourselves but only a few will actually keep the promise. We tend to take important decisions as the new year begins, either because we want to change a certain aspect of our lives or better ourselves professionally, mentally or physically.

The New Year marks a fresh start for your recruitment career and stepping into the next year with a new attitude. 1st of January has some magic to it which makes us want to change and be better. Although it might sound cliché, for some starting New Year with a blank page leads to life-changing resolutions.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on your successes as a recruiter, but also failures and decide what goals to set. In 2020 Talentwolf has got you covered! We decided to help you make the best New Year’s resolutions that will accelerate your career in recruitment and support your growth in this competitive market.

Check out our Top 6 New Year’s resolutions for recruiters!

Learn how to market your job ads

I’m a recruiter, I don’t need to know about marketing” – one may say.
Nothing less 
accurate! As a recruiter, you’re also a marketer for the job position that you’re advertising. Make it your goal to learn more about marketing in 2020, how to better target your audience and a narrow number of applications to the most accurate ones. In the end, a more efficient recruitment process equals to less time spent on recruiting for a certain position and more money in your pocket (as you will eventually be able to place more candidates in the same amount of time).

Be a team player

Work together with your colleagues, not against them. If you find a candidate who unfortunately doesn’t match what you’re looking for but you think he/she might be perfect for a job advertised by your colleague – pass on the resume to them. What goes around, comes around. Who knows maybe next time it will be your colleague sending you the perfect candidate and helping you to make the placement?

Don’t ghost candidates

You might think you’re not this kind of recruiter and you never ignore your candidates. If that’s the reality – well done! Unfortunately, statistics show that 53% of candidates say they’ve been ghosted during the recruitment process, either by a recruiter or an employer (source: CV-Library). It’s a quite significant number and we as an industry should do everything to decrease it. Looking for a job should not be associated with generic emails and automatic responses.

For the job seekers, changing jobs is an important life event so let’s help them get through it having the best recruiting experience. Engage with your applicants by thanking them for application and updating on the process. Later on, in case they were not successful, take 2 minutes out of your day to show your appreciation for their interest in the job.

This time they were not the perfect candidate but next time they might be. That’s why you want to keep a good relationship even with unsuccessful candidates.

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Keep your database tidy

Make sure your records are up to date so that you don’t trash your files with outdated resumes. Be engaged and recruit better by staying in touch with your candidates. This simple action will allow you to conduct the recruitment process much more effectively and ensure top performance on every hire. 

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Boost your online presence/personal branding

In 2020, at the beginning of a new decade, it’s important that you focus on boosting your online presence. Candidates are, more than ever before, relying on online reviews and recommendations whether it comes to choosing a company to work for or a recruitment agency to cooperate with. With the overwhelming number of recruiters actively searching through the labour market, it might be sometimes challenging to stand out and have the applicants choose you.

That’s where online tools like Talentwolf come in, offering you a possibility to showcase your recruitment expertise in front of thousands of active job seekers and hiring manager. Collect reviews and grow your score to stand out amongst others and boost your personal brand.

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Quality over quantity

Quality matters most, so don’t waste your energy on collecting countless applications just for the sake of it. Focus on your target group, pick the best applications and engage with the candidates to get them excited about the job position they applied for. Remember that a successful recruitment process needs to work both ways – by finding the best candidate but also keeping them from going ahead with another job offer. It can be accomplished by staying in touch with your applicants, updating them on the process and showing full professionalism.

Start 2020 with these 6 top New Year resolutions and see your personal brand grow like never before! Making simple changes today, will bring you results tomorrow and make you stand out amongst others, who didn’t make the effort to better themselves professionally. Remember that Talentwolf is here to support your career and boost your online presence so go ahead and subscribe today for free!