How to Find Job Recruiters Near Me and Land the Job

By Talentwolf

On average, a corporate job receives 250 applications and interviews roughly 4 to 6 people. If you are out of work or actively seeking a new career then these statistics might have you wondering, "What are my chances of getting a job, especially one that I enjoy?"

What makes matters more daunting is that you have been in this situation. After several months of applying for jobs, you settled for the first opportunity that fell into your lap. Where did this lead you? At a job that you left or plan to leave shortly. 

Break the cycle of bad jobs and even worse job seeking. Use Talentwolf to connect and apply for the job of your dreams using a professional recruiter. 

Read on to find out how to use our database to get your career started. 

Choosing Your Career

Before you even step foot into a staffing agency you should know your goals. Changing jobs means that you weren't happy with your old or current job. Your boss, coworkers, and work environment might not be the only thing that needs changing. An entire career shift may be what makes you happy. 

Your first step to finding a rewarding career and a successful job is to ask yourself what you are interested in doing. Then determine what steps are needed to acquire that dream job.

Field of Interest

Jumping from one field to another isn't that easy. It requires some thorough research of the market and your skills. Begin by looking at various jobs in each field to see if they strike your interest.

What intrigues you about this job? Do you like working outdoors, or do you prefer an office job? What about your schedule. Do you need flexibility? Maybe a remote position suits your personal life. Not all jobs can be done at home, so consider a position that involves extensive online work. 

On the other hand, you might enjoy working with and helping others, so a customer service role is fitting. These types of jobs have a variety of scheduling hours, so they could accommodate your life. 

Job Descriptions

Looking at job descriptions helps you determine the qualified for the position and what duties are expected of you. If you are crossing into a new field then look for transferable skills. For example, you might not have experience working in real estate, but you did work in retail. Use your sales experience as a way to highlight your personable skills and attention to detail. 

Acquiring New Skills

Finding a recruiting office near me can be quite hard if you don't even have the skills to get the jobs you desire. So, before looking for a recruiter, gain the skills needed for the job. Otherwise, the recruiter can't help you land the job. 

Save the recruiter and yourself time by doing your research on job qualifications. Then get certifications or gain experience through volunteering before applying for the job.

How to Find Job Recruiters Near Me

The global staffing industry made $491 billion in 2018, just by finding jobs for other people. This is a large market that, just like any other business, is saturated online. So, looking for the perfect recruiter can be as difficult as shopping for the most important thing in your life.

Choosing the wrong recruiter can be a waste of time, delaying your hiring success. Start your job hunt off right by doing a thorough search of recruiters. 

Talentwolf Search

Use Talentwolf to search for "job recruiters near me" can help you narrow done your prospects. Simply choose an industry and location to get a list of available recruiters in your area. 

You will be able to view the recruiter's profile and message them directly. Or make a profile on Talentwolf to be contacted by recruiters based on your interests, goals, and qualifications. 

Speciality Recruiters

The great part about searching for specific recruiters through platforms like Talentwolf is that you can look for your niche. You wouldn't want to use a business originated recruiter for a manual labor position. Finding someone who knows the industry means they know the job market and possibly have some networking connections or jobs already lined up.

What to Look for in a Recruiter?

When you find a recruiter who meets your basic needs within your field of interest you shouldn't stop there. Keep looking at their qualifications, both personally and professionally to determine if they are a good or bad recruiter.

First, check out the recruiter's summary to see if they sound helpful, hard-working, and committed to their job. You can also see their professional background and personal interests to see if they align with your passions. Finding a recruiter that you can connect with makes you more comfortable and likely to make progress. 

High Success Rates/Reviews

On Talentwolf, you can see the recruiter's ratings from other clients, including their effectiveness with getting people hired. Past clients can also rate their commutation skills, market knowledge, and level of service. In addition, there is a comment review section, revealing positive and negative experiences with the recruiter. 

Recruiters should have a passion for helping others succeed, as well as be experienced and accomplished in their efforts. 

Online Presence

Reviews of job recruiters give you a quick overview of their profile. To see their work in action you will need to take a look at their online presence. Most likely the recruiter is on other social and marketing platforms. See how often they post job openings, communicate with people in your network, and how quickly they respond to people's questions and comments.

What Should You Expect from a Recruiter?

Not all recruiters go the extra mile to help you find the right job. When you find recruitment agencies nearby, you might be one of several hundred applicants. So, you might only be brought in for a quick discussion then emailed a few jobs that match your skills. Then, you are left alone during the application process.

If you find a good recruiter then you can get more out of the relationship. 

Resume Assistance

Some recruiters will look over your resume to see if it needs editing or customizing as per the job application. They can also discuss industry-specific alterations for your cover letter or resume. However, don't assume that the recruiter will write your resume for you. 

Make Connections

The best part about finding a recruiting specialist is that they have connections within your network. A recruiter can be your foot in the door when starting a new career. That is why having a personal connection with the recruiter can help you form a long-term relationship with them. 

Follow-through and Follow-up

Recruiters are great for guiding you through applying, interviewing, and hiring process. They act as the middle person between you and potential employers. This works well for the employer too. Employers like to hire one recruiter to handle all of their prospects then they don't have to contact each candidate individually.

The recruiter will inform you of any changes to the job or hiring process without you having to bug the HR person or hiring manager at your potential place of employment. 

How to Appeal and Connect with Recruiters?

Recruiters earn a percentage of your base salary when you get hired. If they don't find a person to fit the position then they don't get paid. This means that recruiters want top-notch prospects, someone who will get hired and for a decent salary. 

You must present yourself as an appealing candidate to recruiters. So, before you meet them in person, prepare yourself like you are going to a job interview. 

Custom Resume and Cover Letter

A recruiter will review your resume as if they were hiring you. Be sure to update your resume for the jobs that you want in a particular field. Also, have a sample cover letter to showcase your writing skills and display your background to the recruiter.

Once the recruiter finds a job for you then you can go through your resume and cover letter together, making necessary customizations. 

Goals and Expectations

Be prepared to answer questions like, "What are your long-term goals and expectations in your next job?" Treat this first encounter with your recruiter as an opportunity to relay your desires while showcasing your enthusiasm and qualifications for available jobs. The more honest you are the more the jobs will fit your personality.  


Staying Connected With Your Recruiter

Once you find a recruiter and land your dream career, don't forget about your connection with your recruiter. Maintaining a relationship with them can help you stay informed of networking opportunities if you need to hire someone in your office. You can also refer others to them or use them for future promotions. 

Stay connected with your recruiter by signing up with Talentwolf and leaving them a positive review. 

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