How Employers Can Differentiate Between A Good And Bad Recruiter

By Talentwolf

Employers like to use recruiters for their hiring efforts because they make finding candidates much easier. This way, a company’s HR department can focus on other things instead of spending too much time trying to find qualified individuals for open positions.

Recruiters are also very effective when a field is experiencing a talent shortage. Hiring a recruiter can speed up the process of filling a vacant position and are better at screening qualified candidates than some HR departments.

Since recruiters make hiring for your company a top priority, you’ll be able to fill positions much faster than just allowing your HR department to do it. Recruiters have the in-depth market knowledge and a large network of places to find talent.

They know what to say to potential candidates and know how to vet resumes so that companies and their hiring managers only see the best around. Plus, recruiters are sort of like brand ambassadors for your company since they will introduce it to candidates in a favourable light.

Companies partner with experienced recruiters to find the perfect (or near-perfect) candidates for a wide range of positions. This is especially true for executive positions that need to be filled fast and with highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people.

Different Types of Recruiters

There are different types of recruiters that specialise in different industries, niches, jobs and more. Finding the right one is key to hiring the right people. You want to know that the person you hire is trustworthy and will do their job diligently to find the best candidates.

However, it’s not always easy to spot a bad recruiter right from the start. Although you’d like to have faith in the recruiter you hire, they aren’t always what they seem to be at times. The wrong recruiter can hinder the hiring process and create a domino effect on the sort of job candidates you get.

Plus, it can also ruin your company’s image and brand if you get a bad recruiter to work with you. But all hope is not lost because there are a few things you can look out for when it comes to spotting a bad recruiter.  

How To Spot A Bad Recruiter

If you’re worried about hiring a bad recruiter, here are some signs to look out for! If a recruiter has done any of them, it’s time to drop them like a bad habit and look for a new recruiter to partner with:

  1. They send over lots of resumes, but they are none are qualified for the position
It’s all about quality and not quantity. If your recruiter sends over tons of resumes, but none of them is really qualified for the position, then it’s time to let them go. They’re just sending your resume just to send them and aren’t really taking the time to see if candidates are matches for your company.

The recruiter has cast their net too wide in the talent pool and that means you’re left with a mediocre resume to sort through. After all, that’s why you hired the recruiter in the first place!

  1. No follow up

Recruiters need to keep everyone in the loop. That goes for the employer that they’re working with the candidates they’re sending over to hiring managers. No one likes to be hanging, so a recruiter that doesn't follow up is a bad one.

No follow up on the applicant side can really be bad for your company’s brand. They’re left wondering about the position and will then turn to social media to voice their concerns. This can make your company look bad. No matter what the outcome is, recruiters need to follow up with candidates on the status of their application, good or bad.

Companies also don’t want to chase down their recruiters for updates and more. If your recruiter isn’t communicating as much as you’d like, then you’ve got yourself a bad one on your hands!

  1. Not learning about the positions

It’s important that you hire recruiters who know your industry or else you’ll get back mediocre resumes that won't’ fit well with your company. A recruiter that doesn’t go the extra mile to learn about your company and the position it’s filling is not a good recruiter. This is especially true in the tech world, where speaking the lingo is important and vital to various positions.

  1. Not planning ahead

A bad recruiter doesn’t plan ahead. They don’t already have a nice pool of past applicants they can use or have a network of other professionals to help with the search. They don’t keep in touch with past applicants then they aren’t very effective.

A good recruiter will meet with hiring managers to plan ahead for their long-term needs and then create a network that best reflects this.

  1. Bad reviews

The easiest and truest validation of a bad and good recruiter is researching them to see what others have said. Using specific recruiter rating and review sites like Talentwolf can really help companies see what sort of things people are saying about their chosen recruiter.

They’ll be able to read what’s been said about them, how good they are at their job and if they were overall happy with the recruiter’s services.   If your recruiter is doing anything on this list, it’s time to part ways with them.

But you can still find a trusted recruiter on Talentwolf! You can find the most reviewed talent recruiter and then get in touch with them fast. You’ll be able to get reviews and ratings on prospective recruiters you’re interested in to help make your decision easier.