How people2people Used Talentwolf Enterprise to Champion the Feedback From Their Candidates

By Talentwolf


After 15 years of operation, growing from one office in Sydney to having a national network of offices throughout Australia, people2people had a strong brand presence and systems in place to receive feedback from their customers. The problem was that this feedback was received and shared internally and very rarely made public.

Of course, on occasion, consultants would share a comment from a candidate or client on social media and the CEO would annually recognise consultants who received the most consistent positive feedback. All this is great but not going to bring any new business. The feedback was not being exploited and entirely internal, except on rare occasions. 

By engaging with Talentwolf people2people’s objective was to expose feedback from clients and candidates to the world. Being a platform to communicate, compare and rate recruitment consultants around the world Talentwolf had has the infrastructure to facilitate the review process and tools to ensure this feedback can be easily shared onto our client's website and through social media. Additionally, being a third party Talentwolf brings added credibility to the feedback.   


Once engaged Talentwolf worked with people2people to ensure the marketing team understood how the enterprise dashboard facilitates easy management of online reviews and the profiles of their consultants. Our implementation team worked with people2people shared services to build in automation to ensure every review was recorded on Salesforce, people2people’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). Part of the enterprise plan, website widgets were also installed to easily promote feedback and ask for reviews.

These widgets are made available on individual consultant profile pages and a consolidated version elsewhere. The implementation was initiated and completed within 3 weeks. Our team also offers advice on the best time to ask for reviews to ensure the best results.  

Talentwolf Recruiter Reviews Widget on people2people website

After implementation people2people displayed their reviews immediately, receiving between 5 and 10 per week onto the platform. Each review is displayed on Talentwolf within 24 hours to ensure our privacy rules are complied with.

Today people2people have over 100 consultants with publicly available testimonials on their website.

They regularly share positive reviews on social and have automated the process asking for feedback. The management team have taken what was entirely internal positive re-enforcement and made it into a third-party validation of their service. A highly valuable tool in the marketing and sales process.  

people2people Company profile on Talentwolf

Next Steps

Next steps for people2people are to gain greater traction through Talentwolf’s online chat and NPS scoring. By working with Talentwolf people2people are building a considerable catalogue of online, third party verified testimonials.  

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