Challenges Faced By Start-Up Recruitment Agencies - Peta Seaman from people2people

By Talentwolf

As always, we start with how you chose or fell into the recruitment industry. Peta, what’s your story?

I started out as a hairdresser, progressing into an educator role supporting industry professionals across South Australia. After taking a career break to travel around the US, I returned home, went back to my old profession, but realised it just wasn’t me anymore. I took the leap into recruitment, specialising in supply chain and rose up the ranks in internal and agency positions.

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What's the biggest challenge in opening a recruitment agency in a new city?

Recruitment is all about relationships and when you first open in a new city where people don’t know you or your brand it’s a race to get your name out there and start building the relationships.

What technology and marketing tools helped you elevate your team's performances?

Its difficult to choose which tool has made the biggest difference to my team’s performance, Technology in recruitment has become such a big part of what we do. We need to embrace many tools and continue to learn and change with new technology that presents itself. But if I had to choose one, I would definitely say video has made a huge difference in my teams performance.

Every recruiter remembers their best placement story. What’s your favourite one to tell?

Having been in the recruitment industry for more than a decade, I have many stories that stick in my mind. Placing people in new companies, providing career opportunities is why I do what I do. One that comes to mind is a highly skilled engineer who had only arrived in Australia with his family 2 weeks prior, we got him an interview with our client and starting in his new role all within the first month of being in Australia. That was 4 years ago, and he is still there and has had two promotions in that time.

What do you foresee as being the greatest challenge and opportunity for recruiters over the coming 5 years in Australia?

The greatest challenge is going to be technology, its every changing space and it will be more important than ever to keep up with technology over the next 5 years.

What changes have you seen in recruitment from your first years until now?

A lot has changed since I first started in recruitment, however I think the past 2 years has seen the biggest change. Virtual interviews, client meetings have become apart of our everyday recruiting process. This to me has been a positive move forward allowing us to connect with people quickly and be able to offer more flexibility to job seekers.

As one of the most rated recruiters of Talentwolf so far, we’ve seen success from your personal brand with social media. What prompted you to start and how has this changed you?

It took me a little while to get started on social media, one day I clicked and realised that my personal brand is what attracts people to me and helps them to feel more comfortable working with me. It has given me the opportunity to show my authenticity and personality to a broader market and it has also helped me engage with similar minded people.

How do you see Talentwolf helping recruiters with clients and candidates?

Talentwolf is helping clients and candidates make educated choices on recruiters they would like to work with, based on other people’s experience working with them. Having been a job seeker in the past it is difficult to narrow down who is the right recruiter for you, Talentwolf helps guide you.

What’s left for you to achieve going forward as a recruiter?

I still have a lot to achieve as a recruiter. But right now, I’m focused on helping my team become the best they can be and guide them to assist our clients and candidates to successfully build careers.