Best Email Tracking Tools For Recruiters in 2019

By Talentwolf

What are the best email tracking software tools for recruiters?

Email is a very important means of communication for recruiters. Your inbox is constantly filled with resumes and communications with potential new hires as well as clients looking to fill positions. Recruiting top talent typically involves going back and forth via email with applicants, so it’s important to know if the recipient is viewing and responding to your emails. Email tracking tools are important for recruiters in order to see if their outreach is successful.

Just as email marketers track their open rates, recruiters should do the same with their own emails. Since communicating back and fort can be time-consuming, a specialized tool that can track views and responses can be very helpful. This is especially true for a recruiter with a lot of positions to fill.

Although some might say that email tracking is sort of like spying on them, the truth is, there are worse things out there. These types of tools are nothing new and have been around since the Internet first began. It’s an ethical practice and there’s nothing wrong with using a tracking tool. Also, the person being tracked won’t even know what you’re doing.

The tool will place an invisible image inside your email to them and once they open it, you’ll be alerted that they did. To make your job as a recruiter easier and to gauge the open rate of your communication with potential candidates for open positions...

Here are a few email tracking tools you might want to consider using:

1. SalesHandy

This is a robust tool that does more than track emails. It provides you with email tracking, email campaigns, auto follow-ups, document tracking, email scheduling, email templates and more.

SalesHandy is used and trusted by thousands and will help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your emails. It’s one of the most popular tools today and you can export an analytics report of tracked emails and save it so that you can do more in-depth analysis later. There are a 14-day free trial and various monthly plans depending on how features you want to use.   Link to SalesHandy

2. Bananatag

One of the most highly recommended tools for tracking emails is Bananatag. The handy tool will show you when your emails are opened and when recipients click links inside the body of your email. So basically, you’ll be able to track the open rate and the success of your message if the recipient clicks on a call to action. You’ll get a notification to your inbox when a contact opens the message, so you don’t have to do much else after you hit send.

The great thing about the tool is that emails tracked with it won’t look different at all. It’ll be a normal email so they’ll never suspect anything. You’ll also get tracked email metrics on overall interaction with your emails so that you can make your emails better. You can start tracking emails for free, but you only get five a day on the free plan.  Link to Bananatag

3. Yesware

If you want to know what happens after you click send then Yesware is a great tool to help you. The tool allows you to not only track email open and reply rates, but also link clicks, attachment opens and presentation pageviews.

All this valuable information will help you identify the best possible message for every step of the recruitment process. You can try the tool for free for a month and pay for a monthly subscription if you like it. All of Yesware’s paid plans include automated follow-ups, email templates, send later reminders and more.  Link to Yesware

4. Mailtrack

If you use Gmail, Mailtrack is a great tool that’s simple to use and effective. Mailtrack allows you to see when your email was opened with a two-tick symbol. You’ll also see the exact time it was opened similar to a Facebook Message.

Depending on what plan you purchase, you can also access an activity dashboard where you can see all of your email tracking activity in one place. The tool also offers reliability and privacy with a high-security 256-encryption, so there’s no data sharing with third parties. Link to Mailtrack

5. MixMax

With MixMax, you get powerful analytics, automation and enhancements for all of your outbound communications. The tool integrates with your Gmail account and you’ll know exactly who opens your emails and when.

If you’re sending to a group, the tool will show which individual opened your message, so you can follow up with precision.MixMax also allows you to set up email tracking as a default instead of having to turn on anything for each email.

You’ll also get real-time desktop notifications when emails are opened and even how many times it’s been viewed. But there’s more because MixMax is going to release their Advanced Email Tracking services, which will provide you with even more insights into a recipient’s geographical and other information. There’s a free trial for two weeks and then various pricing plans.   Link to MixMax

6. Hubspot

As a leader in sales and marketing tools, Hubspot can be very useful for recruiters in helping them get the information they need. They feature a system that has an inbuilt activity stream so that you can scan all of your emails to find out what made it successful recruitment.

Hubspot gives you the best tool to power your inbox and track emails to boost the efficiency of your communications and recruiting attempts. Hubspot’s email tracking tool works with Gmail, Outlook and Office 365. Link to Hubspot

7. Vocus

Vocus is an all-in-one solution for Gmail outreach. It is a Chrome extension that adds many features including email and link tracking, automated follow-ups reminders, templates, mail merge, scheduling, name-to-email search, meeting coordination, analytics, and team sharing and activity dashboards. You can distinguish between multiple recipients and will know exactly who opened it, by name.

You will receive an immediate, within a second notification on who opened your email or clicked on a link. You can personalize the domain name of your unsubscribe, open, and click tracking links thereby improving your email deliverability score and get that extra notch of credibility. The dashboard allows to check out the trends view, outgoing activity and compare it with your team. Link to Vocus

As recruiters, we are all always looking for a new resource for finding new talent for open jobs companies are hiring for. Knowing how to properly use one of these tools is key and could help us to find qualified talent at an astounding rate!

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