Best Tools to Find Email Addresses in 2019

By Talentwolf
When you’re prospecting, the first thing you do is look for a valid email. But the hard part is trying to find the right one! It can be frustrating when you spend hours upon hours at a time trying to look for a person’s email only for it to bounce back. Instead of spending hours at a time hunting down emails online, you can utilize various tools that will cut down the time spent on searching. Plus, these tools will find the right email address! Using these tools make connecting with someone a lot easier than by having to go on LinkedIn for an informal introduction.

Here are a few email finding tools you’ll want to start using:

Formally known as “Email Hunter,” is a handy Chrome extension that uses the email naming convention of business to figure out the right address for a person that works there. So if a person’s email address using the first initial and last time then the company’s name as the email address, it’s pretty easy to figure out the correct address if you know the first and last name. Hunter only finds work-related email address and gives you 150 searches a month free of charge. Hunter uses the most recent employer based on a person’s LinkedIn page, so if they don’t work there anymore, the email won’t work.  

Chrome is great at having tons of useful extension and Prophet is another great one to use, too! The extension will search the Internet for any contact information in addition to other sites the person may be on. If it can’t find any email addresses linked to the person you’re searching for, it’ll take some guesses of the email based on where they work. It’ll use the most recent work-related information on LinkedIn if they have an account. But if the person has any blogs or social media accounts, it’ll list all that information, too!  

Yet another Chrome extension that’s useful for finding emails is called Lusha, which will also provide you with phone numbers, too. It’ll search the net to pick up someone’s email address and number, allowing you 10 free searches a month. You can upgrade if you need more for a small fee.  
Easily find the email address of people at any company with Clearbit. All you need to do is type in the first name or job title of the person you’re looking for and the company’s name to get back their contact info. The great thing about Clearbit is that it easily integrates with your Gmail account to import the contact so that you can message them as soon as you get their email address. The free plan offers 50 search credits, but paid plans can range from $199 to $999, depending on how many users and searches you do. It’s available for individuals and bulk email finding.  
     You’ll be able to find any corporate email using Voila Norbert. You’ll need their first and last name, as well as domain so that the tool can send a signal to the mail’s host to verify the address. It’ll find the email address for free and will get back a correct version. You’ll get 50 search credits for the free plan, while the paid ones can go from $50 to $500.  

This prospecting software works with sites like AngelList, LinkedIn, Crunchbase and more to find business emails of people you’re searching for. The user-friendly software works in real-time, so it has a very high accuracy level. The free plan offers 10 search credits, with paid plans costing anywhere from $50 to $500.

Considered more of a lead manager, this tool just needs the company’s URL and you’ll be able to have all the emails related to it! The great thing about this tool is that you get 300 search credits on the free plan and the paid plans are fairly reasonable, costing $29 to $399.  

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