Recruitment Career and Industry Insights: Aiden Boast from people2people

By Talentwolf

As always, we start with how you chose or fell into the recruitment industry. Aiden, what’s your story?

My life as a recruiter started in England where I met with a recruiter to move jobs in real estate. The professional approach and the process explained gave me a huge buzz and my passion showed in the interview. I was offered a job with the recruiter direct and I started in April 2014. I haven’t looked back since and have been at p2p since August 2016.


What was the toughest thing to overcome when starting in the industry?

In England it would have been getting market knowledge, in Australia I would say keeping up with the competition and pace. It’s a different type of recruitment process to what I’m used to and p2p have invested a lot more time in their processes and technology.


Every recruiter has a best placement story. What’s your favourite one to tell?

I placed a candidate who had 1 week to find a role, or he would have been asked to leave the country as his visa was expiring. The company gave him the opportunity to become an Australian Citizen and he came into our office with chocolates to thank me. It was a special moment; one I will never forget.


What do you foresee being the greatest challenge and opportunity for recruiters over the coming 5 years in Australia?

Biggest challenge could be keeping up with inflation and recessions, it could be in the works! The biggest opportunity is the changes in politics. This could open up new visas for population growth, new jobs and opportunities.


What changes have you seen in recruitment from your first years until now?

Technology has changed dramatically; virtual interviews and visits are now the norm and a lot of correspondence is online not in person. When I first started every meeting was in person and we had landlines on the desk. I still prefer the ‘old school’ meeting face to face!


As one of the most rated recruiter of Talentwolf so far, we’ve seen success from your personal brand with social media. What prompted you to start and how has this changed you?

There’s no other website out there! Talentwolf gives a transparent platform to show that your not ‘just like all the other recruiters’. It’s given me the confidence to promote my services to candidates and clients.


How do you see Talentwolf helping recruiters with clients and candidates?

The fact that the reviews and live and raw gives so much transparency to all stakeholders. It can give hiring managers the confidence to work with the right agencies and filter out the wrong ones. It’s a unique platform.


What’s left for you to achieve going forward as a recruiter?

Management is something I’ve always strived for. This year I was promoted to Team Leader and thoroughly enjoying it. I’m hoping to get more exposure to management and leadership and currently studying a management course, so watch this space!

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