Should LinkedIn have a Grade system?

January 21, 2021

So today I saw this message on the Facebook group recruiters online. It was actually from a Twitter post shared by a member of the group suggesting it would be a good idea 


I thought I would share my thoughts on this ideaFirstly, I would say that it really is just a response to the very real and troublesome problem of being able to assess the ability of service providers. Whether it be an accountant, doctor, dentist, financial advisor, or dare I say a recruiter that provides an intangible service that is flexible and variable in nature it's extraordinarily difficult to get a take on whether they are best for you.  

Since the advent of the internet, the ability to share our opinions is now infinitely more possible than when I first entered the workforce in the late 80s (last century). Whereas prior to this we would seek out the reviews of products in magazines our ability to assess service providers was primarily through word of mouth and through perceptions of expertise through PR (Public Relations) in media, think someone appearing in an article on financial advice sharing their thoughts. With the internet, our ability to share our thoughts and refer our preferred suppliers is much easier. So why hasn’t a site like LinkedIn turned to reviews? I do not really know but here are my guesses. 

    • LinkedIn was designed to promote networking. Offering opinions, other than positive recommendations does not promote further networking and participation. 
    • LinkedIn promotes itself as a marketing platform and sells the ability to connect with others. It does not sell the ability to promote yourself through third party recommendations 
    • LinkedIn is a network across all careers. How do you have a consistent review score when you are considering a dentist or a financial advisor?  

So, the idea of being able to review service providers is an excellent one. The internet provides a seamless connection between customers and suppliers, but few have taken on the challenge of providing a niche site for reviews. TripAdvisor has done this for accommodation providers and now the fresh start-up you are reading this post on provides one for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. The niche is clear and the service generic enough to make a direct comparison between recruiters in specific geographies.  

Wictor was right to ask the question but LinkedIn is not the answer, Talentwolf is, for recruiter anyway!