The Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment: How to Win New Business

By Talentwolf

How your recruiter brand helps you win new business

Employer branding can make the difference between attracting and losing clients and top talent. Before clients or candidates call or message, they’re going to check your profile online. What you don’t want is that your profile looks and reads the same as every other recruiter.

The following step by step guide will show you areas in which you need to invest your time, to boost your recruiter brand. Dedicating time to enhancing your personal brand, will certainly assist and possibly contribute to your success.

How to grow your recruiter brand and win new business - 6 steps


1. Choose a profile photo which stands out

When clients or candidates visit your profile online, the first thing they look at is your picture. Having your picture increases the chances of your profile being viewed; by ten times. Make sure your headshot is professional, as well as friendly. Have your headshot taken by a professional photographer. If that isn’t possible, use the following tips to pick the best photo: - People need to be able to recognise you from your picture, make sure it’s up to date. - Remember to appear open and friendly.

Don’t forget to smile with your eyes - Wear clothes that match the dress code of your business - Keep the background simple so you are the focal point of your picture - Crop a squared picture from your shoulder to just above your head, so that your face fills the frame

2. Your Job title headline

 The headline is the text right under your name. Use this space for your job title. Your job title is the first thing people will notice on your profile. e.g.: "Recruitment Consultant, Accounting & Finance" "Manager, Permament Specialist Recruitment"  

3. Highlight your recruitment expertise

 Are you an excellent recruiter of marketers? Are you the best recruiter for accounting professionals? Carefully select your recruitment specialisations, so they appear in the right listing when both potential employers and talent are looking for recruiters with specialist knowledge in specific locations.

Use your recruitment experience summary to list your goals, knowledge, achievements, and your mission as a recruiter. Tell people why they should connect with you - Tell a story about yourself to establish your own brand. - Be yourself! Write in the first person to sound more personal. There’s no need to be overly formal.

4. Share your professional video and blog posts

 Social media allows you to have a two-way dialogue with your network. A great way to start this conversation is by sharing content that you create or that you find interesting. Create your business video, to talk about what your specialisations, explain why clients and candidates should choose you. Be concise, a one minute video is all you need.

Always record your video in a place with good lighting and no background noise. When the video is ready, publish it on YouTube and then share it on your online profile page. Statistics show users spend more time on a page when there is a video on it. Share useful information, blogs you have written or inspire you. Clients and talent will see you as an expert in the field.

5. Let clients and candidates know you’re a top recruiter

Show clients and candidates that you’re successful at what you do and that they’ll be in good hands working with you. Build your credibility by getting positive feedback, ratings and reviews on your profile from clients and job seekers with whom you have worked. Talentwolf is a new platform exclusively designed for recruiters.

All the reviews and ratings received from clients and job seekers help you to improve your score in order for you to rank higher in the listing. The closer you get to the 100% Talentwolf score, the better impression and exposure you will get. Be proactive and responsive, Talentwolf is indeed a tool for your recruiter brand that can help you win new business. 

6. Respond Quickly

Be immediately available on the instant messaging, respond quickly, interact with video and call conference directly, with people who contact you. Regularly check your Dashboard under the ‘Live Chat’ tab, if you receive resumes and messages from clients and candidates. Reply and engage with them.

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