The Best Work From Home Tips From Our Recruiter Community

By Talentwolf

Work from home is such a hot topic, especially considering the current environment we’re facing due to COVID-19. A lot of us may find ourselves smart working more often in the near future. Although there are so many benefits to work from home, such as no long commutes and less time away from family and kids, it can also come with distractions.

Here are some tips from our community that can help you stay focused as you work from home:

How did you organise your home desk?

1 computer only, more than one monitor for me means focusing on more than one item. I like to focus on one task at a time, it personally makes me more efficient after years with two or three monitors

Tools & Software to use

To name a few:

Website - Wix

HotJar - For monitoring website traffic flow

Hubspot - CRM

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite - For Advanced Searches - Bookkeeping


Time Management

My Calendar is my go-to, I try my best to stick to it, a constant work in progress!


Communication with Clients/Candidates and your Team

Phone, text, email, Zoom, Google Hangouts


How do I relax

Who has time for that, life is short, go go go!!


How do I stay fit



How do I stay positive

When you understand the power of PMA, you will never want to go back to the dark side. The fact that I have a couch to sit on, with a roof over my head, and I am able to type this message on my laptop to you, that's so more much more than so many other's have, I find it impossible to not be grateful every single day

  Jeff H Sipe, Job Consultant



How did you organise your home desk?

Setting up 2 monitors on your desktop will make you more efficient. One monitor for messaging, emails, Spotify and calendar.

The other monitor for searching the web and all else. If you are not already doing that, or something similar, I promise you won’t go back to working on a single screen ever again.

  Jim Stroud, Vice President of Marketing – Proactive Talent


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Home Desk Organization

I use a three monitor setup. The monitor to the left has Outlook and Teams. The monitor in the middle has Linkedin/web searching/etc. The monitor on the right has my ATS/CRM dashboard as well as my accounting platform dashboard.


Email is Outlook, Project Chat is through Teams, Team announcements and video updates through Workplace by Facebook, ATS is Crelate, Marketing Automation is ActiveCampaign, Project tool is Asana. Plus lots of souring tools, chrome extensions, etc


Time Management

I always block it out the night before and focus on no more than 3 must complete issues. The rest might make the list but may not get completed that day.


Communication with Team

Never rely on email or IM. Because of teams, most meetings are via video. When Sharing information with my team I follow this: Prepare Them, Share with Them, Listen to them.


Communication with Client

Weekly is mandatory. Video is preferred.


How do I relax

A cup of coffee an a great book. Glass of wine and a cigar. Driving A car in my collection How do I stay fit - Need some work here! Bicycle 2-3 times a week as well as weights 203 times a week. Have a gym in my office and at home.

  Steve Lowisz, Ceo & Founder - Qualigence International



Home Desk Organization

Two screens all the way. Best to set up exactly as you would in the office. With plenty of light, printer, scanner, and video conferencing facilities.

  Bianca Luck, Director and Temp/Contract Accounting and Specialist Manager – people2people



How do I relax

Be sure to take mental breaks...

If you have the capability, step outside and get some sunlight. Take a walk with your dog or kids. Read 20 pages of a new book. Press the restart button on your neural network in order to avoid burnout.


  Jordan Haas, Clinical Recruiter – GreenKey Resources