Talentwolf Review Widget: Real Time Recruiter Reviews

By Talentwolf

Reviews. Your Best Revenue Driver.

Turn your clients' reviews into new potential leads by collecting and leveraging your recruiter reviews and ratings with Talentwolf Widget-powered solutions.

It's hard enough to get potential clients to your website, let alone provide enough content to keep them engaged. 87% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So positive reviews are a crucial ingredient to a successful recruitment agency website. 

Talentwolf offers a custom review widget that flows your positive reviews from your Talentwolf profile through to your agency website. With our easy to follow wizard, you can be up and running in no time. You have complete control over which reviews get published to your website recruiter profile via the Talentwolf dashboard. 

Showcase On-Site & Get More Leads

Display customer reviews at key conversion points across your agency site and your team profile pages.

Your visitors will be able to clearly identify that the reviews are authentic, having been provided and verified by an independent resource. Now you can maximize your website's engagement and conversions by providing real-time dynamic reviews generated by your past clients and candidates. 

Collect Reviews the Smarter Way

Use data-driven tools that make it simple for your past clients and candidates to give their feedback so you can turn every placement and successful interview into a positive review.

Moderate, Measure, and Optimize Your Content on One Platform

Talentwolf offers a completely integrated experience in one platform, giving your recruiters ultimate control over how they collect, display, and markets their reviews.
Recruitment Agency of Every Size, even 1 person business.
Talentwolf's scalable infrastructure is built for agencies of any size, and designed to grow with you.
Content Moderation
With Talentwolf Review Widget, you own & control all your reviews.
Moderate yourself or automate with +4 or 5+ Star Rating only.
Privacy & Security
We’re committed to GDPR compliance 

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