SEO Advantages of Recruitment Videos

By Talentwolf

If you’re looking to attract the best talent around, you’ll have to do more than post on online job boards. You’ll need to take advantage of the latest technology to intrigue the best candidates. Things like social media and videos can greatly impact your recruiting strategy for the better, allowing you to find top-tier talent that matches all your criteria for the position. Going above and beyond traditional recruitment tactics can set you apart from the competition.

You’ll want the top talent to come and work for you, so finding ways that will engage and interest them is key. Recruiting videos are a great way to establish a brand, sell the work culture to prospective candidates and even motivate them to apply to the position and go through the job process. Couple that with SEO for recruiters tactics, and you’ve got a unique and effective recruitment tool on your hands!  

Why are videos a great SEO tool for recruitment?

 Companies that invest in branding are more likely to acquire quality hires over their competition. While job listings are still a great way to attract talent, videos received more views and resumes than traditional listings. And the fact that recruiters are utilizing marketing techniques to find new talent, videos just make sense these days. Creating a recruitment video may not be the norm in the recruitment process yet, but it’ll soon be thanks to its effectiveness!

 A video is more in-depth than a regular job description on a posting. It allows them to see what it would be like working for the company, engaging them more than just reading words. It’ll also humanize your company in their eyes, showing them another side of the company than what they’d simply see on your website. They’ll see that your organization is comprised of passionate employees and they’ll want to be one, too.  

Approaches To Your Recruitment Video

Not sure how to approach a recruitment video? Here are a few approaches that work well with these sorts of videos:  

  • Documentary – A documentary approach is popular since it just goes into detail about the company and what it’s great to work there. However, it does this by letting the employees do it themselves as the camera follows them around. Viewers like this since they feel as if they get an insider’s view of the company. The video can also show the diversity of the company’s workforce in a very organic way. Overall, the video is more authentic.
  • A Comedy – Everyone loves a good laugh, so taking a comedic approach can be effective and engage viewers. Creating a comedic recruitment video will make viewers want to work for a company that has a sense of humour.
  • The Reality Of Things – Showing the realities of working for your company can weed out the bad from the good. It’s a bold move and will only have those who really want to work for your company to go and apply. It’ll teach them the reality of the job, with the ups and downs.
  • Emotional Customer Focus – Instead of focusing on the company, this approach puts the attraction on what the company does and who they serve.
  • The Bigger Picture – Job seekers want a new job where they feel they’ll make a difference. Tapping into that desire for a recruitment video is effective for gaining quality candidates for open positions. Showing the bigger picture of the job and how it impacts the world taps into that desire and is a fun approach to take.
Whichever approach you take, remember that in the end, the video should tell an interesting story. It should sway job seekers to apply to jobs at your company.


Advantages of SEO Videos

You can’t just make videos to make them. Once they’re made, it’s time to get them out into the world to your targeted audience through SEO tactics. Videos, like content online, have a few different ways of reaching people. You can use social media to spread it, place it on your website, add it to YouTube and more.

 YouTube is probably the best place to place the video since the platform has millions of viewers. However, you’ll also be competing with all the other videos on there, so you’ll need a few strategies to make your recruitment video stand out.  

Here are some ways to get the video to appear in YouTube’s search results:

  • Create A Descriptive Title
Give your video a descriptive title that goes beyond “Work For MyCompany.” Use relevant keywords and keep the title interesting, so when people find it, they’ll actually want to watch it.  
  • Create An Accurate Description Of The Video
Really ask yourself what the video is all about when writing the description of the video. But don’t forget to add the URL to your career site at the bottom to direct viewers where to go to apply.  
  • Use Relevant Tags
Tags are like hashtags on YouTube. Tags are words that act as identifiers to help viewers know what your video is about. SEO video recruitment marketing can help grow conversions. By adding a tracking URL to the video, you’ll be able to track how many clicks the video gets.

This will help you analyze how the video measures up against other recruitment tactics. But a recruitment video will also help your organization develop its online image. Your video will help establish your site and brand as a trusted company and a thought leader in its niche. It’ll help potential candidates see your company in a positive way.  

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