Recruiter Tutorial: How to Get the Most Out of Talentwolf

By Talentwolf

If you are a recruiter looking to boost your online presence, collect reviews from your past customers and win new business, then you are in the right place! 

Talentwolf is the fastest growing recruiter review website; it offers you unique tools to grow your online reputation by collecting and displaying your reviews, showcasing your service and recruitment skills. Hiring managers and job seekers have now the possibility to find you, according to location and specialization, and quickly get in touch with you. But it’s all based on your feedback, so only the most verified and brave consultants will step into the bustling Talentwolf marketplace. 

1) You still don't have a Talentwolf Recruiter profile? Sign up here

2) Do you already have your Talentwolf profile? Freshen up your profile now. Login to your dashboard and click on the 'Profile' tab.

How to get the most out of Talentwolf:

1) Have your recruiter profile 100% complete

Ensuring your Talentwolf profile is up to date, not only increases your chances of being further up the search list but promotes all of your recruitment strengths. It’s easy to fill out, once you follow the recommendations below. The ultimate aim should always be to reach top-level Talentwolf profile status, as you stand out against your peers. 

First Impressions Count - The more complete and professional your Talentwolf profile looks, the better an impression you'll make to a prospect, contact, recruiter or potential employer.

Click on Profile and let's start. 

Choose a profile photo which stands out

  • Having a picture increases the chances of your profile being viewed; tenfold.
  • Make sure your headshot is up to date and preferably shot by a professional, as well as friendly. Have your headshot taken by a professional photographer.
  • Remember to be open and friendly, don’t forget to ‘smile’ or smile with your eyes 
  • Wear clothes that match the dress code of your business - Keep the background simple so you are the focal point of your picture 
  • Crop a squared picture from your shoulder to just above your head, so that your face fills the frame

Your Job title headline

The headline is the text right under your name. Use this space for your job title. Your job title is the first thing people will notice on your profile. e.g.: “Recruitment Consultant, Accounting & Finance” “Manager, Permanent Specialist Recruitment” 

Highlight your recruitment expertise

Tell people why they should connect with you - Tell a story about yourself to establish your own brand. - Be yourself! Write in the first person to sound more personal. There’s no need to be overly formal.

Carefully select your recruitment specializations, so they appear in the right listing when both potential employers and talent are looking for recruiters with specialist knowledge in specific locations. Use your recruitment experience summary to list your goals, achievements, and your mission as a recruiter. 

Complete your Contact Information

You’d be surprised just how many people spend a long time perfecting their content to achieve Top-Level Talentwolf profile status but neglect to include their contact information. It’s far better to complete this section to elevate your status but also to enable recruiters and organizations to contact you directly.

2) Request Review tool

You can easily request and receive reviews from your previous happy customers. Positive reviews will increase your Talentwolf Score and get chances to rank higher (thus increasing visibility to new candidates and clients) on our marketplace.

Let’s get started:

Using Talentwolf’s reputation management tool is easy. Let's navigate from your Talentwolf dashboard and click on Reviews tab - click on the button ‘Request Review’.

 A window will pop up where you can fill in the email address of the client or candidate you want to contact.

Hit Send, the message will be directly delivered to your customer immediately.

What happens now?

As soon as the pending review is received from either candidate or client the review will be displayed with the review and rating received.