New Year's Resolutions Recruiters Need To Make This 2022

By Talentwolf

Now is the time to start formulating your own goals for those who want to be the best recruiter in 2022. However, we know that New Year's resolutions can be intimidating and sometimes unrealistic, such as "Give up bad habits."    

Start off with these six New Year's resolutions for recruiters:


1. Learn new skills 

Whether you want to fill a skill gap or expand your knowledge, learning new things can transform your job. It doesn't have to be formal training or an entirely new field of study. Pick something you've always wanted to learn, ask a colleague to share some skills with you, or sign up for an online course.    

You will understand how to write better job descriptions to give candidates a clear picture of the position. The next time you hire a new employee for your team, you will know which candidates fit in with a good culture.    

New rules like political changes, the GDPR, and social movements affect our lives; it's essential to make sure you and your business abide by them. While your job technically ends with hiring, what happens next is also crucial for your employer brand.    

2. Check out the latest recruitment trends

The pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects, and recruiting is no exception. In the same way that 2021 was defined as the year that candidate experience took centre stage, so will this year. It's time to improve your candidate's experience in several ways, such as updating your client's job websites and conducting surveys to get quality information from potential clients.    

In addition, you are expected to place a high value on diversity and integration among other recruiting methods. To attract agency work, you must be prepared to use various interview methods.    


3. Invest in training new recruiters

The best investment you could make in 2022 would be to develop the best training programs for new recruiters who join your staffing agency. Even recruiters with years of experience can benefit from this kind of training. A recruiting agency needs to develop an effective training strategy for recruiters to find the best talent for your clients. Recruiter training can directly impact the performance and growth of your organization.    

In 2022, there will be no place for unconscious bias. Make sure your new training program shows how recruiters should be aware of their biases and take steps to counter them. You should also encourage feedback and follow-up and understand the importance of learning about operations first-hand.    



4. Use Data Analytics for recruiting

Data-driven analytics will influence how companies develop their talent acquisition strategy in 2022. As long as the data exists, agency recruiters have depended on them to make decisions. Having the right tools to help you match the right people for the right jobs will increase the overall effectiveness of your recruiting agency.    

To find the best job candidates, you need to evaluate the many data points available.    

During the recruitment process itself, a set of data is generated that can be used to improve forecasting skills. Analyzing this data will help speed up the hiring process and improve occupancy rates. In addition to enhancing the interaction between the recruiter and hiring manager, data can help increase feedback from both sides.    

5. Save some money

Spreadsheets full of numbers, complex calculations, and overviews of cost projections are never fun. But expense reports are an integral part of human resources.    

For example, if you want to buy a new ATS that will make your life easier, you must first create a case to get approval from your manager. 

Break down expenses into job boards, recruiting campaigns, and HR software. It will help you prepare and track your recruiting budget. For example, only work with recruiters to find hard-to-find jobs or stop posting job ads on sites that don't bring you, suitable candidates.    

Getting referrals from your current employees regularly can significantly impact your recruiting budget, even if you offer a referral bonus. You save on job advertising costs and reduce revenue because registered employees tend to stay longer.    

Bad recruiting habits can get in the way of your career before you know it. These habits can result from outdated candidate assessment methods (see personality tests), lengthy application forms, and lengthy recruiting stages that cause candidates to lose interest. On the other hand, a positive candidate experience will make your company more attractive to job candidates, and you, the recruiter, will be a more reliable professional.    


Also, be sure to use your mobile phone to apply. Job seekers tend to look for new opportunities on their mobile phones, so application forms must be mobile-friendly.    

Or give it a new look. An outdated career page sends the wrong message to potential candidates. Consider ways to make it more attractive, such as adding employee testimonials or photos from your office.    

Get rid of any buzzwords that sound funny but don't describe the position, use neutral language, and consider including salary for added transparency.    

6. Nurture relationships

This year, try to build healthy relationships with everyone you interact with, from colleagues and candidates to hiring managers and other HR professionals.    

However, relationships require an investment of your time; it's not a one-time thing that you can cross off your list. Your first meeting shouldn't be at the start of a new job. Instead, you have to get to know each other and build solid and trusting relationships before you need them at work.    

It can take you an hour or two a week to actively search for potential employees on the Internet, connect with passive candidates, or send a quick email to communicate with past candidates who may apply for a different role in the future. You will get the opportunity to meet job seekers and see the world through their eyes and build your employer brand.  A continuous improvement mindset separates a great recruiter from a great recruiter. 

Evaluate your successes and failures, try different techniques and find what works best. Starting this year, track the essential metrics; for example, these metrics will serve as a guide to determine what works for you and where there is room for improvement. 

Tools like Talentwolf can help you collect, manage and showcase your candidate and client's feedback in one place. In 2022, your personal branding will have to be accompanied by verified metrics and reviews received by your customers to stand out against your competitors, keep growing and find new potential clients.