Job Hunting Tips from a Redundant Employee

By Claudia Tosa

I am sure hundreds of you, across Australia and the rest of the world, can relate to the following.

Lockdown. Businesses cutting costs to stay afloat. Events cancelled. Events postponed. Shops closed. Positions being made redundant. And while there is a multitude of posts with tips, hints and best practices to work from home and keeping productivity up, what about those that are indeed AT HOME, but NOT working?

Just like many of you, I have recently been made redundant thanks to COVID-19: as a marketing and event manager, I was simply no longer needed given the current state we are in.

Following an initial few days feeling like the ground was literally crumbling under my feet, I rolled up my sleeves, set aside the negative thoughts, channelled my anger and started a plan of action on the hunt for my next job, whatever that may be (that mortgage isn’t going to pay itself!). 

First things first, if you are an AU citizen or permanent resident check Centrelink for your appropriate avenue on how to access any financial support you’re entitled to.


  • Seems superfluous to say, however, update your CV and LinkedIn Profile. HERE how you can make your LinkedIn Profile stand out. Also, switch your LinkedIn status to Open to Job Opportunities and indicate the same on your tagline, make it visible!

  • If applicable, create/update any other collateral that showcases your expertise, such as a portfolio if you are in an industry where visuals help convey the quality and standard of your work. As an example, you can view my Event Portfolio to give you an idea.  

  • Create/update profile on job sites like Seek, Indeed, CareerOne, Jobble, Glassdoor, etc. The more the merrier, it is a number game! Remember to re-upload the CV on a regular basis to help you appear near the top of searches. 

  • Reach out to your network and explain your situation. I have reached out to my LinkedIn connections as well as my circle of friends. While they might not have a job for you right now, they will keep you in mind and may pass on details of someone who might.

  • Send your CV to recruitment agencies. However, don’t just leave it like that. Within each agency, proactively find the recruiter who is most relevant to your role/industry and get in touch by phone, email or LinkedIn message. Ask to have a chat to go through your experience and build and strengthen the relationship with them. You want to be front of mind when that role finally becomes available. Talentwolf is a great tool to find relevant recruiters and also check how good they are thanks to a rating system. You can sign up and create a profile in seconds!

  • Hustle, hustle, hustle – whenever you applied for a role or spoken to a recruiter, remember to follow up and check in regularly.

  • Keep a log of the jobs you have applied for as well as the recruiters you have been in touch with. This is helpful to track who/when to follow up and simply don’t lose sight of the roles you have applies so that you are prepared when someone does call you back.

  • Request endorsements and recommendations from your network. Also, ask your previous manager to write a letter of recommendation for you.


Exercise - Not just to keep fit but also to pump up your serotonin levels and improve mood

Cultivate a hobby (indoor one!) – Focusing on something you love is a welcome distraction and helps relieve stress

Learn something new – Needless to say there are heaps of free resources on the web just about everything. I have recently signed up to Salesforce Trailhead, a free online platform to gain knowledge in a fun and practical way

Read a good book - Whether this is fiction for some good escapism or personal development, reading improves stress levels and relieves tension. I am currently halfway through the 7 Rules of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, a classic. Next in the pipeline The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

Have I left out anything? Most likely! Share your thoughts and let me know in your comments!

Be strong, #everythingwillbeok #andratuttobene