Don’t Miss Out on Top Talent!

By Bianca Luck

I’m sure you’ve heard it multiple times, generally speaking, the employment market in Sydney is candidate short. Gone are the days when you can take a passive approach to hire talent into your business, by throwing up an ad on SEEK or similar, and waiting for the applications to flow in. Most candidates, and especially the good ones, will have multiple offers on the go.

This means you can’t rely on having a job available being reason enough for candidates want to work with you. Hiring Managers need to attract candidates to the business. The obvious way to attract candidates to your roles is the salary on offer but there are a number of factors to consider.

If you aren’t able to increase the salary that you are paying another way to stand out from other employers is the extra benefits that you offer. Candidates are often looking for flexible working arrangements, birthday leave, and social activities, etc. These little things are often enough to push one role to the top of a candidates list.   

Another way to ensure that you are not missing out on quality talent is the speed in which your recruitment process works. I have had a number of candidates accept another offer that was not their preferred role just because that hiring manager was able to get the offer to the candidate first. In order to not risk missing outlook limiting the number of interviews to two, make sure that you have the role approved by all the necessary departments, and don’t wait until tomorrow to make an offer to a candidate you like.

Remember, in a candidate short market it’s arrogant to expect the candidate to want your role, you need to be selling your organisation and what you can offer just as much as the candidate is selling their experience.