Challenge and Opportunity for Recruiters in Sydney - Meaghan Gleeson from Tanner Menzies

By Talentwolf
1. As always, we start with how you chose or fell into the recruitment industry. Meaghan, what’s your story?

I commenced my career in recruitment working in administration for a boutique Legal Support recruitment agency in Sydney after I graduated with a Bachelor of Human Resources from UNSW.  I worked my way up to a Consultant role, enjoyed a successful time at a large national agency as a Senior Consultant and Team Leader of the Legal Support team and now, 18 years after I graduated, own my own Legal Support recruitment business!  My business is part of the Tanner Menzies group who have a reputation over four decades recruiting for prominent businesses in Australia.

Recruitment is in my blood, with a number of close family members being recognized as leaders in the industry.

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2. What's the biggest challenge in managing a legal recruitment agency in Sydney, Australia?

As with all sectors, the biggest challenge is attracting suitable talent who are in a position to move for available vacancies.  Candidates have many options and there can still is an element of candidate hesitancy in the market.  I work in collaboration with my clients, to assist in not only attracting and introducing the best talent but assisting in developing their strong employer brand and providing guidance during the interview process to ensure the best outcome. Whilst candidates have many options in the current market, they need to be careful to partner with a Recruiter with experience in their sector who they can trust. Someone who can give them valuable information on market conditions, career guidance and have demonstrated and proven experience with high quality clients.


3. What differentiate your recruitment service from the others, and which benefits are there of working with you?

Clients and candidates trust in my proven experience within Legal, I am respected as a specialist within the sector. I have been recruiting legal support staff virtually my entire career, which spans over 18 years. I believe integrity is everything. I am passionate about building long lasting and honest relationships, and both candidates and clients benefit from these long standing relationships. Due to my experience and knowledge in the sector, I am approachable, provide expert guidance and support, am readily available, communicate well and genuinely take pride in what I do, creating and facilitating high quality outcomes for all involved.

I also understand the juggle of balancing work, family life and job searching and can be accommodating to be available outside of work hours. I strive to be approachable and knowledgeable, someone who people can trust.


4. Every recruiter remembers their best placement story. What’s your favourite one to tell?

There are many reasons why I love what I do, and I have chosen Legal recruitment for my career. So, within that, there are too many placement stories to choose just one as a favourite! There are many candidates I have assisted various times, meeting as college leavers and introducing them to the best Law firms numerous times throughout their career. I have had many clients become candidates and candidates become clients. I have one long term client, that I have partnered with for over 15 years and continue to work closely with today. She was the first ever prospecting client call I made as a rookie, and we have worked together successfully when she has been at 3 separate Law firms since that time.


5. What do you foresee as being the greatest challenge and opportunity for recruiters over the coming 2 years in Sydney?

The biggest challenge will continue to be adapting to the changing landscape of the market, which the last few years especially has shown can vary wildly! Within that, there is huge opportunity. I personally feel there has never been a better time to be valued in the field of recruitment. View quality over quantity, focus on strengthening relationships and work as a business partner with your clients. Be selective with the firms you work with and roles you decide to work on. Take a genuine interest in your candidates, and play the long game.


6. How important are candidates feedback for you?
 How do you see Talentwolf platform helping recruiters with potential clients and candidates? 

Feedback is so important! Effective feedback, both positive and negative helps in not only improving productivity and success, but is also an opportunity to showcase your services to potential clients and candidates.

Talentwolf is certainly a platform that can be used to do this.  I think using Talentwolf to share candidate and client success stories is a good way to broadcast your offering to your market.


9. What type of candidates do you work with?

Over my career I have been fortunate to meet an impressive network of candidates who have skills as Legal Secretary and Paralegal as well as Human Resources, Marketing and Business Development, EA/PA, Legal Operations, Legal Professional, Reception, Office Services, Catering and IT/Technology. I have partnered with mid to top tier Law firms along with boutique and specialist firms along with inhouse legal teams nationally.