Bodyweight Workout: 5-Minute at Home Routine

By Marcelina Drymer

Physical activity is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle, together with a nutritious diet.

Nowadays most of us have non-demanding physically jobs and our days are spent in front of computers or talking over the phone.

What can we do to increase our activity throughout the day, even when it seems we are stuck at the desk and can’t move anywhere?

There are some simple yet effective strategies,  the key is to try to sneak in 5 minutes of activity every 2 hours or so. What can be done without leaving your desk?

All you need is your own body weight, chair and a bit of space.

Exercise 1 - sit on the chair and stand up, repeat 20 times

Exercise 2 - raise your arms straight out to the sides, you can do this seated or standing. Start doing small circles forward with your arms. Focus on quick moves. Do 50 reps, then repeat the same backwards.

Exercise 3 – Look left and right 20 times, then look up and down also 20 times. You can do this seated or standing.

Exercise 4 - marching in place, keep your back straight, raise your knees high, move your arms like when taking a stroll. Keep marching for 2 minutes.

Repeat this sequence at least 3 times during the day.

This routine is designed to, almost unnoticeably, increase your physical activity throughout the day and set you up for success on your healthy lifestyle journey. But that’s not all! Exercising all the major muscle groups and paying attention to your posture at work will help you relieve chronic pain in your back and neck, which is a common symptom that most desk workers suffer from.

Share this routine with your colleagues to help spread healthy habits in your office!

Article by Marcelina Drymer Fitness