Best Twitter Strategies For Recruiting

By Talentwolf
Recruiters are turning to social media to find talent for their job openings and for good reason, too! With so many users, you’re bound to find qualified candidates for just about any position. Social platforms can be a goldmine for recruiters if they know how to harness the power of the platform. One social media platform that’s great for recruiters is Twitter. Recruiters can use Twitter to recruit new talent, show off how awesome the company is to prospective candidates and so much more. But it’s not just about Tweeting a job and that’s it; there’s more to Twitter recruiting than that if you really want to find top talent.

Here are some of the best strategies when using Twitter for recruitment purposes:

  1. Hashtags Are Key

Always use hashtags that are relevant and commonly searched in your message. This way it reaches a large audience, especially users that don’t follow you. This way when they search a certain tag, they’ll see your message pop up. But hashtags also help you focus on a particular subject, so you’ll want to do some research as to what hashtags work best for whatever job postings you have. A great tip is to take advantage of conferences taking place in a particular field and then look at the profiles of the attendees that are Tweeting on a Twitter list! You’ll just have to research difference conferences to figure out which ones are utilizing Twitter.  
  1. Use Video

To really stand out and spark the attention of Twitter users you can always use videos to give a first-hand look at the company you’re working for/with. Users will get an in-depth look at the company and they’ll be able to picture themselves there once they see your video.  
  1. Engage In Conversations

While using eye-catching videos and pictures is key to gaining attention on Twitter, you’ll still want to engage in conversations with potential candidates. The whole point is to make the connection much more personal. You can Tweet directly to them and point them to job listings at your company. Or you can look at their Twitter profiles to get the info that wouldn’t normally be on a resume. You’ll be able to see their personality, interests and get a good sense of who they are as a person. Don’t forget to comment on things people have shared, thank them for insights and maybe even ask them about their niche, jobs, personal work style and more. It’s all about getting the conversation started. This doesn’t happen much, so it’ll really stand out when it does.  
  1. Have A Compelling Twitter Profile

In order to attract candidates to your job postings, you’ll first need to have a compelling Twitter profile. Having a Twitter profile that’s poorly worded won’t convert as easily if your Twitter profile was compelling. Instead of putting it out that you’re a recruitment firm or department, leave it out. Don't mention the types of jobs you offer or anything like that since they’ll learn about it anyways. The goal of your Twitter profile is to have the right people follow your account. Don’t forget to provide relevant things for your Twitter followers so that they want to continue following you and engage with what you Tweet. Don’t just use your feed to post open jobs. Also post any blogs you have, industry news, behind-the-scenes info of the company and more.    
  1. Use Direct Messages Cautiously

Slide into direct messages wisely. Twitter allows users to send private Tweets to other uses instead of just having it out there on the mainstream of Twitter. But you have to do so cautiously as you can really hurt your social recruiting strategy if it’s done poorly. On the flip side, it can be great when used wisely! Make sure you avoid any DMs that look automated. This will put off the person you’re messaging. No mention of the name is included and it just sounds like a generic message you’d send to someone who has just followed you. This sort of DM is just spammy and that user will unfollow you in a second. Instead, make sure you personalize any DMs you send to potential candidates. When you take the time to craft a special message, you’ll have higher response rates than you would with spammy, Autobot ones. The recipient of the message feels special since you took the time to reach out to them.  
  1. Create The Perfect Job Tweet

You can post jobs on your Twitter feed either manually or automate it. Auto-posting utilizes an RSS feed to distribute new jobs form your site automatically. But manual postings are crafted by hand and take some finessing to get just right! To create the perfect job tweet, you should state the job title, include a link to the posting on your career section on your site and use the right hashtags for maximum Twitter search engine visibility. Make sure to use location hashtags to find local candidates and niche ones that specify a given industry. Twitter can be a great resource for finding new talent for open jobs you’re hiring for. But knowing how to properly use the social media platform is key. Following these helpful tips can help you find qualified talent at an astounding rate! And if you’d like to expand your online presence, sign up for Talentwolf. It’s the fastest growing platform for review and reputation management in the recruiting industry. You’ll be able to gather feedback and interact with clients on an independent platform consumers trust!