Best Strategies For Recruiting On Facebook

By Talentwolf

Social media can be very beneficial for recruiters. Not only is it a great way to show off the company you’re recruiting to potential candidates, but it’s also a great way to find talent. Besides online job posting sites, many job seekers are looking to social media to find their next gig, including Facebook. As a recruiter, the popular social media platform could be a goldmine of talent for many of your job postings.

By leveraging the social media channel’s popularity and the number of job seekers that use it, you’ll be able to create quite a substantial network of talent if you know how to utilize Facebook for your recruitment efforts. Facebook is a huge talent pool just waiting to be tapped by you! With more than 2.07+ billion users each month, you’ll be able to find many ideal candidates.

You’ll also be able to reach active job seekers ready to make their next career move. This makes your job as a recruiter so much easier. But Facebook is also a great way to get in front of passive job seekers. These are the ones not looking for a job, but willing to go through the interview process if the job and employer fit their preferences and interests.

Many recruiters have already tapped into the power of Facebook, creating career-focused pages or adding the special careers tab to an existing company page. With Facebook, you’ll be able to create a community of potential candidates, engage them with current job openings and more. Some recruiters are even going as far as allowing candidates to apply to new openings right from their Facebook profile, so they never have to be inconvenienced by leaving the platform!

Facebook recruiting is so much more than just posting job openings on a company’s Facebook page. You can use Facebook to search for candidates, build relationships with these prospects and stay in touch with them for other jobs they’d be a good fit for. If you’re ready to step up your recruiting game and utilize the power Facebook can provide you, here are some strategies on how to use the social platform to search for new candidates:

Finding Prospective Candidates

You can proactively search for new candidates on Facebook using its search option. This can be done on a company’s Facebook page or even your own. You can also target ideal prospects thanks to the platform’s own search engine called Graph Search. It takes public info from user’s profiles, including their location, work experience, education, employers and more.

You’ll be able to find potential candidates that met your criteria using its filters. Just type in a job title and city and you’ll get back all the results that match. Once you find ones that are the right match, screen them on LinkedIn and/or Google and then reach out to them.

Create A Facebook Page For Your Company’s Career Page

Even though your company already has a Facebook page, it might be a good idea to create one, especially for its current job openings. On this special career page, you’ll be able to talk to potential candidates, post openings and more. You can also get creative with the name so that it creates more of a buzz than simply naming it “careers.”

Create Recruiting Job Ads

You can also use Facebook ads to recruit potential candidates. But these ads are different from regular ones since you’ll want the call of action to be to apply for a job. Writing a job description that will attract qualified candidates is key.

To start, you’ll want to consider the tone of voice you’re using. This tone should reflect the personality of your business and the position you’re trying to fill.

Also, be as authentic as possible to maximum results. An eye-catching image is also a must! Try not to use stock photos, which can come across as artificial and impersonal.

For the copy of the Facebook ad, you’ll want to communicate key messages in an inspiring way that’ll intrigue users to apply. Include all the specifics, such as location, positions, skills and more. But remember to keep it short and sweet! Add links that take them right to the job listing and make the application process easy to fill out.

You can create single or bulk Facebook recruiting ads, depending on your budget and needs. You can create an ad for each position that’s open or have a more general one for all the positions. But if one position is hard to fill, it’s better if you do a specialized ad for it to gain more attention.

Paid Facebook Recruitment Ads

You’ll need a budget if you want to get in front of thousands of eyes on Facebook, but the good news is that you can set any budget you’d like. You can either promote your recruitment ad via “boosted” or “promoted” ads. Boosted ads are the most basic ads on Facebook.

You simply post something on your page’s profile and then pay a bit extra to have it reach a bigger audience. Promoted ads are more advanced and require the use of a Facebook Ads Manager account. They offer more targeting abilities, allowing you to create your own audience. You’ll be able to reach the exact candidate you’re looking for, which is why these ads are so great for recruiters!

Facebook Live

Facebook’s Live feature allows you to interact with prospective candidates in real-time. All you need is your smartphone and some time to engage in live videos or chats. You can create “Career Chats” on your company’s Facebook page.

Invite all to join in by posting on the event wall and then have a few members of the recruiting team go live to answer questions about the company and job openings. Video sessions allow you to give some behind-the-scenes looks of the company while allowing viewers to ask questions in real-time.

The video appears in your page’s followers’ feeds and then you’ll see their comments come in as they are asked. When it’s all over, there will be a recorded version on your timeline for others to tune in and watch. Facebook continues to be a popular social media channel and can be a great tool for your recruiting efforts.

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