8 Ways AI Will Change Recruitment in 2019

By Talentwolf
The future is now thanks to the ever-changing landscape of technology, which continuously improves each year. The latest craze in technology is Artificial Intelligence or AI, and it’s changing how we live, work and recruit! AI has quickly become a staple in our life and our work, with 2018 seeing a huge increase in the use of AI for recruiting that will only continue into this year.

According to a survey done by Harvey Nash Human Resources in 2017, 40% of HR professionals think that AI will soon take over their work operations in the next five years. AI has become popular in the recruitment industry because it speeds up the process, eliminates bias and generally enhances a candidate's overall experience from the application to potential job offer.

Learn more about AI in Recruitment in 2019


Resume Parser

As a recruiter, you spend a lot of time going through resumes to find the best candidates. While you’d love to go through each and every resume with a fine-tooth comb, the reality is that’ll take too much precious time you don’t have. In 2019, expect more recruiters to use resume parsers, which will sort out resumes for all the necessary data fields you need for a position. This will speed up the selection process so that you can have the best resumes on your desk to review in a few hours instead of a few days. You simply input that data you want to have the resumes to feature and the resume parser will find them for you so that you only have to go through a few resumes instead of a huge pile.  


One of the best AI tools out are chatbots that will help you screen candidates, ask them questions and answer any inquiries they have without having to actually do it yourself. Chatbots can really speed up the process of screening applicants and provide stellar customer service at the same time. You just have to input the responses or questions and let the chatbot do all the work for you. A chatbot can be used with email, social media, SMS, messaging apps and specific software programs. It’ll mimic a human’s conversational abilities since it’s programmed to understand written and spoken language to respond properly.  

Video Interviews

Finding potential candidates outside of your zip code allows you to find quality talent from across the globe, willing to relocate for an open position. Because you can’t interview them in person because of distance, special tools that allow for video conferencing allows you to conduct the interview become quite useful. Video interviews are a great alternative and still allow you to judge a candidate’s communication skills, behaviour and reactions to questions. Plus, programs like Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use!  

Improved Online Applications

Going through online applications is as tiresome as going through resumes. But with AI, you can easily go through online application in no time! Various applicant tracking system use word flows, keywords and other data points to go through and prioritize all the resumes you receive online for open positions.    

More Targeted Candidates

AI is making the hiring process easier thanks to the ability to find more qualified candidates. You’ll be able to target candidate searches by industry, location, job title, income, education, age and so much more – allowing you to find the exact candidates you’re looking for. With AI’s help, you’ll find the perfect candidate for whatever open positions you need to fill.  

Predictive Analytics

As a recruiter, you’d do anything to ensure that candidates you find will perform just as well as they promise they will, right? Well, now you can thank predictive analytics, which will help identify the future behaviour of prospects. Using predictive analytics makes it easier to make informed hiring decisions when it comes to choosing the right candidate. But predictive analytics also helps recruiters optimize their hiring strategies so that they can streamline the hiring process.  

A Level Playing Field

AI will change how recruiters screen resumes in their databases and will level the playing field for all. Candidates won’t need to have a stellar resume or come from an Ivy League college. Instead, AI software will choose potential candidates based on selective keywords that relate to the open position. This eliminates a recruiter’s biases toward one candidate over the other.  

Vetting For A Candidate’s Character

Some AI programs are helping recruiters to vet on a candidate’s character to see if they’ll be honest and ethical. Companies want employees that’ll represent their company well and now programs are able to sense this based on a set of questions and data so that you can fit open positions where personality and values are important like customer service.

 There’s no denying that AI makes recruiting quicker, easier and more effective. It not only helps streamline a number of regular recruitment tasks, but it’ll also help you find the best talent for open jobs. In 2019, expect more and more recruiters to use AI to assist them in the recruiting process.  

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