5 Social Recruiting Tips to Find the Best Talent

By Talentwolf

In 2018, 83% of the UK adult population has been reported to use social networks, according to Avocado Social. This massive number shows that social media is here to stay. Plenty of companies are catching on to the benefits of being present on social media. However, in the business world, social media presence isn’t only beneficial for brand building.

Various industry professionals can use social networks to improve their day-to-day processes. Social media is invaluable when it comes to communicating with customers, prospecting or finding new talent. Especially in the Recruitment industry, social media has proved to be very efficient.

With the number of people using social media, recruiters are now almost required to implement social media in their talent acquisition strategy.

Here are our five social recruiting tips to find the best talent:

1. Use LinkedIn

Out of all the popular social networks, LinkedIn is the only one that’s business-oriented. As such, it’s a goldmine for recruiters. It’s primarily for publishing B2B content, but recruiters can find a wealth of talent there. Whether you want to attract candidates via a careers page, or only hunt for specialists in the role that you need, LinkedIn has you covered.

2. Keep Track of Time

It’s imperative to set your social media posts according to peak use times. Especially on social networks like Facebook where your reach is limited, even one extra person who sees or likes your post can contribute to better visibility. Recruitment professionals schedule posts according to peak usage times to reach more prospects.

3. Create Careers Pages

For recruiters, one of the primary ways of attracting new talent is showcasing the company. Social media can be a staunch ally in that mission. However, content that showcases the benefits of working at your company might not get the attention it deserves on the company page.

Of course, that depends on your industry and the content that’s usually posted on the page. That’s why recruitment can be more efficient if you create a separate Careers page on major social networks. That way, the page has a clear focus on recruitment, and potential candidates can access all the information they need for their research.

4. Don’t Forget Hashtags

When you’re headhunting for talent on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, hashtags make life easier. The hashtag you choose must be unique, but you should also use general terms that candidates would use in their job search. Hashtags can be used as support for recruitment campaigns, so don’t forget about them!

5. Research Demographics

Every social network has different demographics of users, and a smart recruiter knows how to make the best of it. Where do talented individuals in your industry spend most of their time? For example, if you need creatives, you can likely find them on Pinterest.

GitHub and Slack are great for finding developers while Facebook is impressive for its precise audience targeting. Whoever your prospects are, you’re likely to see them on social media. It’s clear that social recruiting is the future of the industry. With more people than ever using social media, it’s time for recruiters to get on the bandwagon.  

San Sunner REC-Social Social Media Manager