10 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Job

By Talentwolf

If you’re looking for a new job and haven’t found one yet, don’t feel bad. Looking for the right job takes time, patience, hope and perseverance. However, if you find yourself months later in the same spot, something might be wrong with how you’re going about your job search.

Although there is no specific time period as to when you should reevaluate your job search process, if it’s been a few months, you might want to start rethinking what you’re doing.

To help you figure out what’s wrong with your current job search process, here are a few reasons why finding a job might be taking longer than usual. This way, you’ll be able to go back and rework a few things before you start a fresh, new job search that’ll work this time!

  1. Not selling yourself

If you’re not confident in the job interview, it’ll totally show to the hiring manager. This could be a reason you’re not getting any job offers. You need to walk into interviews as confident as ever and really sell yourself to the company. In order to do so, you’ll need to know your worth and your skills. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know why you’re the perfect candidate by really selling yourself in the interview!

  1. You need to tailor your resume

If you’re having trouble getting an interview, it’s time to go back and tailor your resume to specific jobs. Sending out one resume to every job you apply to is obviously not working for you. You’ll need to tailor your resume to match various keywords as they relate to the job posting and the job title. This will help your resume get matched by skills the employer is looking for.

  1. You need more details in your resume

If you’ve tailored your resume with keywords and still have no luck with any calls, it’s time to get more detailed on your resume. You’ll want attention-grabbing details that will make the hiring manager want to call you! A great way to do this is not just listed off your job duties, but provide quantifiable achievements that actually show what you’re doing in your position.   

  1. You’re not mixing your job search up

While job boards are great places to post your resume, they aren’t the only places to find a job. Mix up your job search by looking for job postings on company websites you’re interested in, social media, recruitment companies and asking around in your network. Try also to directly contact recruiters near you according to your specialization, location and read their reviews.

  1. You’re not getting job offers after going on several interviews

If you’ve been on quite a few interviews and still have no job offers, you’ll want to freshen up your interviews skills. Make sure that you are prepared for the interview by doing research on the company, dressing professionally, and doing everything you can to make a great first impression.

The best thing to do is have a practice interview with friends to go over commonly asked questions. Pay attention to your body language and the sort of answers you provide to make sure you’re coming off as a strong candidate for the position.

  1. No follow up

If you don’t hear back from a job after a few weeks, you can certainly follow up with them to see if it’s been filled or not. You can do this via a phone call or an email. And if you find out that your application wasn’t considered, you can ask for feedback as to why so that you can fix mistakes for the next job you apply to.
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  1. No set goals

It’s hard to stay motivated when job searching when you haven’t set any goals. This is extremely important when your job search is getting tough and might not be going anywhere. Set goals so that you can stay motivated by the smaller wins. Set daily targets for how many positions you apply for and give yourself goals on how much time you’re spending looking for jobs. That way you feel as if you’ve achieved something for that day.

  1. Job offers that fall short

If you’re not getting the sort of job offers you were hoping for, you’ll going to need to tweak your resume a bit. You’ll want to rework it so that it best reflects your talents and skills in order to get the best job for your skills. Take out any irrelevant information and create something that really focuses on your skills and talents at hand.

  1. Waiting for the perfect job

If you’re waiting for the perfect job, don't! You can’t waste precious time waiting for the perfect job to come up. You’ll miss a lot of great opportunities if you do. You’ll need to lower your standards and start focusing on the type of job you want and what sort of things you want from it instead of just waiting around for that one unicorn job that matches all of your criteria. Until that job comes along, something is always better than nothing!

10. You have no clue what you’re really after

You might not have found a job because you really aren’t sure what you’re looking for! If you’re just starting out in your profession or are looking for a career change, you might not have a clear path of what sort of job you want. You might just be seeing what’s out there and simply going through the motions of job hunting. You need to start thinking about what sort of industry and job you want before you go and start looking again.  

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