Jul 5, 2021, 4:56 PM

I applied for a position that he posted on Linkedin, we had an interview, he then asked for my CV and told me he would give me an answer the following week, guess what happened? He disappeared! DISAPPOINTING
How do I know Giuseppe:  I applied for a role with this consultant
Giuseppe Malandrino's Reply
Hi Francesco, it's very surprising for me to read this review from you: I didn't (already) call you back because I didn't have any news about your profile - the recruiting process is still ongoing; I told you I would have call as soon as I had news but I also candidly said you could call me anytime you needed - that's why I gave you my number (and e-mail). Even strange that, as I saw this review, I try to call you several times to explain the situation but had no answer. Honestly, I subscribed to Talentwolf because I do believe in transparency and feedbacks in order to better myself and to provide a high-standard service. I really don't get this feedback but hey, I think it's part of the game. Always keen to a phone call if you want to. regards
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