Aug 23, 2018, 12:00 AM

Deb is the first person I contact when I am thinking of changing roles. Deb has consistently been able to find me challenging, lasting and suitable roles since my pre-registration year over 10 years ago. Within those 10 years, I have gone from working in a small community rural pharmacy to a large rural hospital pharmacy, and now I’m back in Brisbane working in a large retail community pharmacy. Deb has been there the whole time and has aligned me with companies where I have been able to grow not only as a pharmacist, but as a person as well. Deb has not only given me professional guidance over the years, she has more importantly given me her honest opinion on roles which may not have been the most suitable to me at that time in my career. This shows that to Deb, it’s not just about finding any job for any pharmacist. She cares about her candidates and always has the best interest of her pharmacists at heart. Deb has such a wonderful and unique way of turning the typically stressful task of finding a job into a fun, enjoyable and stress-free experience! This is something that, in my opinion, only Deb can pull off! Deb – you really are one of a kind and anyone would be lucky if they had the opportunity to work with you.
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