Josh X.

Nov 21, 2020, 6:34 AM

It's not Jade, she is fine. I am just not confident using recruiters and hate that they are now becoming the only place to apply for jobs for most companies across Sydney, they keep file notes (grudge notes) too so if you have a bad experience or fail an interview they have it against your name for life, every time you apply for a role they know what happened last time and no excuses accepted - they hold it against you when you look for work again in the future. Some recruiters are associated to other recruiters too and even though they tell you they don't, they cross reference you with associated rectuiters and you begin to find you are running out of places to find work which in case they don't realise begins to become a huge problem for people looking for jobs. I am honestly starting to wish things would go back to how they were 10+ years ago when you just went on seek and your application went straight through to the company itself. Recruiters tell you they will keep an eye out for other suitable roles but they don't, if you fail or are not considered for the role applied for you are forgotten. Me writing this review will probably have me black listed for future applications also with P2P and I will just get the "Unfortunately you have not been shirtlisted" crap. Recruiters are becoming far too tied to being the only source of jobs and it is very worrying, eventually recruiters will be the ones to decide who gets to have a job and who is living on the street and someone has to take action and work it all out before it becomes a huge problem.
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