Nina N.

Sep 29, 2020, 1:22 AM

During my time as an intern for people2people’s Melbourne team, I have seen Erin navigate her team through this period of change in Victoria with a strong handle of the day-to-day shifts and with consistent updates on market and industry operations. Erin and her team and very thorough in their research - I saw this close up when her team took on a critical health care project during the pandemic, which lies outside of their areas of specialisation. Erin critically and regularly overviewed compliance updates. In general and across the board, Erin monitors and ensures objectives for clients and candidates are well-aligned. As the Managing Director there, Erin is an inclusive leader that maintains a strong team with a resilient work-ethic. Her conscientiousness is invaluable and truly does set the bar high for a positive work culture - and for quality representation.
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