May 14, 2020, 7:44 AM

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Hannah in my experience. Originally, I had someone else taking care of my matter but Hannah stepped in at the opportune moment and evidently suited me much better. Upon meeting Hannah, I had just moved state, into a new city and workforce, knowing absolutely nobody. I was feeling incredibly anxious but Hannah from the start reassured to me that I would be okay. Before our first out of two meetings, Hannah learnt that I was wanting a change in my career but still wanted to use the skills that I had acquired through previous work and found me the perfect job to apply to. Hannah prepared me to be feel confident and quick-witted in interviews, which I had never felt before. She is incredibly polite, well presented and is willing to push you when you’re feeling like a fraidy cat. Most importantly, Hannah always made me feel comfortable, as if I was conversing with a friend. As a result, my experience with Hannah was very short, as I got the job! However, to this day while I am still in the mix of my probation period, Hannah continues to keep in touch to ensure that I am happy at my new role and am keeping safe during COVID-19.
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