Mar 2, 2020, 1:35 AM

Having worked alongside Kirsten Garrett as a Para-Consultant, reporting in to her as my manager and also working with her as a 360 Recruitment Consultant, I've had an exemplary experience on both fronts. Kirsten was integral in my training, integration into company culture and overall achievements over four years at People2people. Kirsten ensured my training and hands on experience were build with a strong grounding in concepts, structure and process, while making sure the work ethic and speed of recruitment were always there.  Her guidance as a manager and colleague, through leadership and action, helped me develop many personal and professional skills, which have served me in life and professional roles since. She's a pleasure to work with, always able to have a laugh and carries herself professionally, while interacting genuinely with people from all walks of life. I'll be happy to recommend Kirsten to anyone seeking work or looking for an experienced, supportive and memorable manager.  Chamira 
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