TikTok as a Channel for Recruitment

By Chiara Sabatini

Is TikTok starting to change the way that we recruit? Is this another HR trend or will it become a new way of recruiting talents?

Tiktok as a tool to attract new generations of talents: 

The world of work is constantly changing, and HR is continuously revisiting the way that they recruit. They start learning to use any social media and every possible tool on the market. Millennials will be the managers of tomorrow for this reason; it becomes very important to start communicating with a new generation of talents. Social Media are increasingly used and attract the best talent on the market. Looking for the youngest talent on LinkedIn may not be the right decision for a Recruiter, considering that only 19.3% of LinkedIn users belong to Gen Z.

TikTok resumes

For this reason, TikTok launched TikTok Resumes. This program is designed to continue expanding and improving TikTok as a new channel for recruiting and job discovery. 

How does it work? 

Candidates access the platform by identifying the job offer and putting their info in a contact forum. The news consists of applying with a video cv where the candidate presents himself in 60 seconds or clip to show their skills and experiences then publishes them on the app using the #TikTokResumes tag in the caption. 

Chipotle, Target, WWE, Alo Yoga, and Shopify are the first companies partnering with the program. The program was valid for a limited time, with applications open through July 31. Another interesting function is TikTok Ads Manager. It can be used to create Recruiting ads and offer an accurate report of the results in terms of awareness or clicks/conversions.

But now, let me talk about the benefit and problems of using TikTok: 

Tik Tok is starting to change how we recruit? An interesting feature is the ability to target users based on their recent engagement in specific content categories. This is another HR trend, or it will become a new way of recruiting talents? 

Tiktok as a channel for recruitment :

To discover new skills, especially digital and creative abilities:

-Creativity: It is all about the capacity to create good storytelling through video: TikTok is a hub of creativity that puts the person in the centre. It's an opportunity to understand people's passions and what they're interested in. It is fantastic for the recruitment of digital and creative works. This is perfect for some professions such as hosts and videomakers because it allows the candidate to demonstrate his skills. 

Candidate experience more fun:

To make the candidate's experience more captivating. The transition from school to the world of work is traumatic. Usually, young people don't have any idea how to look for work most of the time; the application processes are long and exhausting and require the candidate to fill in some form. All this could make the job search stressful for such a young target. TikTok could make the selection process more fun. 

It helps to reimagine recruiting and job discovery beyond the traditional resume to the video:

According to LinkedIn, video resumes are becoming the new norm. With the traditional resume, you have only a list of skills, while with the video cv, you can find a lot of skills and proof of these abilities, beyond the conventional resume against discriminatory recruitment. HR is less influenced by unconscious bias.

Best TikTok strategies for HR:

it can be used as a way to expand personal brand: Recruiter and Headhunter are potentially excellent TikTokers, Creators, and Influencers. Their strength is not video editing but the experience. Their know-how can be translated into easy-to-use pills for those who are looking for a job or have doubts about how to fill out a CV. Recruiters could provide an authentic and honest view of what life is like behind the scenes in the company, it will be easier for potential candidates to imagine working there.

Tips for recruiters using TikTok :

-sharing career advice,resume-building advice, and providing tips for job openings to the new generation that is entering the world of work for the first time.

- HR may appear more friendly in the eyes of your young candidate but at the same time, use a professional approach to communicate appropriately to the channel.

- hashtags are the key to finding the perfect candidate: TikTok claims that videos using the hashtag #careeradviceThey already generate more than 80 million views per day and TikTok advises the candidates to post their videos with#TikTokResumes. 

Could You Take TikTok for recruitment seriously? 

The weakness of using TikTok: The problem is that not all people like to be exposed: Many people aren't comfortable in front of a camera and some recruiters can be thought that social media aren't professional because they can compromise their reputation. At the same time candidate can be shy and recruiters can lose a pool of talent. 

In conclusion, how effective is the recruiting process on TikTok?

TikTok doesn't seem to be a useful platform for recruiting but cannot be kept aside if you won't attract the new generation, HR must learn how to cure their personal branding on this platform and look for new ways of involving the new generations making the job search fun. 

What is your point of view on, should you use TikTok as a recruiter?

Let me know your opinion!